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CY 6 Mounts

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  • CY 6 Mounts

    I just ordered two CY 6 pads and was woundering if they will fit on a standard cymbal stand( Yamaha ). I use a Gibralter crossbar mounted to 2 Yamaha CS 830 boom stands. I use a heavier rack because when union people move your gear you want a road worhty rack and the Roland rack just did'nt cut it. I have seached the threads and found some topics but only on the Roland mounts. I have used the Hart e cymbals and the Yamaha so I thought I would try the Roland if these don't work I will try the big brothers too the CY 6 . I don't have the Vcymbal upgrade but have the TDW 1 I just don't have time to send it back I am hoping I can get by without it. Thanks.

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    They will fit the only thing that may not fit is the plastic nut that screws on the cymbal stand. At church we are not using any "wing nuts" on the boom arms holding the CY-6. The CY-6 does not swing as freely or easily as its big brothers.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.