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    I thought I'd start a thread on why we choose the member names we use.
    My "Wings" is for Mr. McCartney (his band after the Beatles)...not a drummer or a rocker, but I've always liked most of his songs and creativity...and he's a lefty!!
    How about you...how many lefty's out there?

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    I`m one of those sad gits jumping on the "e-"


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      Marc. (with a C AND a period) is abbreviation for Marcos - my real name.

      My question is why people use "handles" and do not reveal their actual names. Shame? Privacy? Avoiding the law or IRS? Jealous significant other? Secret fantasy?

      Ooops. Almost forgot, hey Wings, aren't we supposed to discuss V-Drums and such. So what DO I tell my wife? Or kids? Or even the Grand-Kids?

      SHHHhhh ... don't bother TaTa, he's busy on the computer getting valuable data for his new toys.

      Handle On,


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        Well for me I'm told from my grandmother that I am a direct decendant to the real pirate Captain Kidd so I tend to use this "callsign" if you will for other boards and online games. I guess it's my own little identity thing . I do use my real name at the end of some of my posts though.

        Brian Kidd
        From Portland, Ore


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          Well OK if you want to know...I work for a company that supplies equipment to the motion picture industry and I am the manager of the camera department. The main product line we carry is Arriflex 16 and 35mm motion picture cameras. Most people shorten the name to Arri. Hence the name Arriguy. And I'll bet you all thought it was some sort of Arian Brotherhood thing or something since I'm from John Rocker country. Hey wait a minute these cameras are made in Germany, hmmmmm.

          Paul xxxxxxx

          Man! You guys got me so paranoid I came back and edited my last name off this reply.

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            Ummmm.....would you believe I am talking about my....drums?!? Yes, that's it, I beat on my V-Pro Kit!!! Everyday!! Sometimes multiple times a day!!! In fact, I beat it so much, I never have time for a girlfriend. But as long as I can beat it, (my v-drums) who needs a girlfriend right?!? right?!?!

            PS Does anyone else have really big arms? I guess that's just a typical trait of drummers who beat it (again, i'm talking about your kit


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              My name is Harold. So puttenvr


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                I got my name last Halloween...a group of friends got together and rented a limo...1 person dressed a Richard Nixon (complete with mask) and the rest of us were his secret service agents, dressed in suits. Each of us had code names(complete with the earplugs and walkie talkies)...everywhere we went we surrounded the president and laid down our life for his saftey.....that and it was a great excuse to get snookered....


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                  Hey Marc.,

                  I'm probably going to sound like some doped-out Ted Kazinski-type, but I think in general, it's probably best not to randomly toss out your identity over the internet. I use fake names, ages, address' (email and regular), job, etc. at pretty much every opportunity, unless I can't.

                  i.e., I'm not sure why some software vendors need tons of info about me in order for me to download trial versions of software, but they don't get it. I never use my real name, with a few exceptions here, because most people know my real name by now. After being here for quite a long time, I've never had any unwanted emails hit me as a result of this site, so I loosened up on my cute little paranoia, but I'm still careful.

                  When I email you, or Lee, or DRulz (where are ya, man?) or whoever privately, I use my real name without fear, but just poking around on some forum where (at least when I started) I didn't know anyone, I'm significantly more cautious.

                  As of right now, I know who you are, your first name, what you do for a living (nickname: work during the day), Play drums (nickname: brand new TD-10 sitting at home all day...), and that you have a wife (who you enjoy having sex with) and children, and with very little effort I could also pop on over to Yahoo, and do a search to find all the "Marcos'" in Montery (they list 5), and get your address, assuming it's listed.

                  I don't ever want a stranger to know that much about me, at least not without much more effort.
                  Sure, you could do a "whois" on my domain name or trace my IP, but not without some effort, you know?
                  What do you know about me as of now? That my name might be Mark (ok, I admit that it really is... ), and that I play drums.

                  Just passing some friendly paranoia around to my fellow v-drummers.

                  [email protected]

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                    Thrak is the come-back album that King Crimson released a few years back. I like King Crimson and the sound of the word. Besides, Bill Bruford (drummer) and Tony Levin (bass player) are gods.
                    Tom Conner


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                      My name comes from school, I was in a heavy metal band and we loved Bad News from The Comic Strip presents, and the drummer was called Spider Webb so I got the nickname.
                      Two mates I still see from school some 12 years on still call me Spides instead of Stuart, which is my real name........


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                        jbandpc -

                        JB (wife's initials)
                        and (the word "and")
                        PC (my initials, Philip C. Wilson)

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                          Fartnokker comes from my propensity to slap my ass during flatulation... But really,

                          I use fartnokker because that's what my wife calls me when I joke around with her. Actually, I was trying to come up with a screenname for my alternate e-mail address, and after trying about 45 other ideas that were already in use by someone, this one came out.

                          Besides, it seems like it's usually good for a laugh from most people who see it. Can't take yourself too seriously, eh?

                          As for my day job, I can't really advertise it, but most of you would't believe it (sometimes I laugh about it myself!) Let's just say I'm a computer geek!

                          As far as paranoia goes, I'm not, but I feel sorry for those who are. Trust me, the government ISN'T out to get you...


                          Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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                            I'm with Binary. I've been doing this electronic-communications thing for a long time now. I started using email in 1976, and started participating in Usenet pretty heavily in about '81. I finally got smart and quit that stuff in the early 90s (before the advent of Dejanews, thank Gawd!), but the damage was already done just the same...

                            While I was still doing things publically on the Net, I was mailbombed several times, had multiple pointless lawsuits threatened (for postings on a Usenet group and on a private mailing list), and have received a cumulative total of a little over 30,000 pieces of spam mail at last counting- which continues at the rate of 7-20 per day. That's the problem of having the same email address for 14 years. I'm *already* on every spammer CD-ROM in existence. Why would I want to add to the total?

                            I learned the hard way. I no longer put any of my real contact information in any location that can be used, misused, abused, exploited, or otherwise hammered by the mindless wad of people that make up an unpleasantly high percentage of the Internet these days. Those of you who have only been doing this since AOL came to town may think nothing of it, but be cautious: you'll learn the hard way, otherwise.

                            This is the September-that-will-never-end, and for those of us who remember how it used to be in the early '80s, putting anything particularly personal up on the net is tantamount to slitting our wrists.

                            I essentially make my living via email (I'm a consulting engineer who works offsite for most of my client base). When I come here, it is to exchange ideas on the topics here, _period_. All my interaction with people on topics here will _stay_ here. The purpose of coming here is to talk about e-drums, not to provide more contact information to be harvested by spammer 'bots, or to invite offlist interaction. It is not intended to provide the spark of inspiration needed to set off the _next_ great net.kook. Been there, done that, still have the t-shirt they gave me for shoveling all those freakin' bits off the floor.

                            Bottom line for me, opinion follows: if I can't participate at least semi-anonymously, I don't do it at all. Someone *else* can be the one to set off the next net.kook, thank you very much.

                            Playing music in a club to a paying audience? They're welcome to know who I am- they're paying me for the privelige, and they have to be there at that instant to boot. Posting my contact information in a place whose eternal publically visible archives make my info available not only to my intended audience, but *also* the spammers, 'bots, bozos, and kook-wannabes (who can be everywhere on the net simultaneously, thanks to modern technology) can find it? Nope.

                            Make sense? I don't fear the government: I fear my fellow net.citizens, who have given me ample reason in the past...

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                              I feel I have to say something about spam. I am using a web-mail address for the past year and have never received spam mail. I do receive mail from the companies I gave my address to (software companies mostly).

                              On the other hand I created an account on Hotmail and without even using it I am receiving tons of unsolicited e-mail.

                              Who's to blame?

                              Ah! I almost forgot, boismenu is a tiny part of my looong surname

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