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ok im in trouble....

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  • ok im in trouble....

    i tried the custom set todaon the sam ash and let me tell you that theres no comparation with the club set you can do almost everything and it sounds a little too compact for me but it stills gonna have to work a little bit more($$) but it worth it is a great kit, my impression was that the club kit is like a toy compared(which is really not but..)to the custom ...bye and sorry for the english
    pd:i would like to have the sessions but is out of my reach

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    I've personally not tried the Club set yet, as there's always a queue in front of it every time I visit the local drum store, so I won't comment on how good/bad it is until I've checked it out. Owning a TD-10 and having checked out the TD-8 I'd say a Custom set is a great way to go, plus the mesh heads are always worth it. Why not consider a TD-8 with some Hart, Pintech or Spacemuffins pads with some Hart or Visu-Lite e-cymbals? Quite a few people here use Roland brains with other band name pads, and are very happy with them.
    In any case, no matter what you end up getting, welcome to this merry group of e-drummers!


    WARNING: E-Drumming can lead to serious gear purchase addiction (I want more stuff!!!!!!!!)
    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      hahahaha yea i know but if i buy the hart set(i like it a lot) im gonna go to far with the price , i dont have a loooot of money hehe and besides i liked the roland pads pretty much...maybe i should buy another e cymbals i dont know i'll see....i was watching a few demo videos of the hart drum sets in their page and i was amazed really nice and a great price, with the td-8 and one of those hart sets anyone can be happy hehhe

      im 16 years old and i dont have a lot of money so if i get addicted to buy im dead !!!!
      im gonna come back often i like this forum cyaaaa


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        Originally posted by manu84:
        With the td-8 and one of those hart sets anyone can be happy hehhe




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          Originally posted by szvook:


          I second that!

          Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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            You can have basically the same sounds as the TD-8 in the TD-6 for a little less $. If you want mesh pads, the Pintech's are reasonably priced. Add a few of the CY-6s and a basic Gibraltar rack, and you've got a pretty powerful bang for the buck, mesh pad, entry level rig (IMO).


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              i could but im gonna have the money for the custom soon...and a friend that works in the sam ash is gonna make me a discount so .....thanx for the advice!!!!!i have to learn more about all this e drums stuff too ignorant heheheh :P


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                besides with the td-6 u lose options ....i was amazed when i could change heads, drum depth, tune, and all of that is great!!!!the td-8 is a great machine hehehe


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                  CY-6 is the best cymbal trigger for the buck. Try to trade out some PD-7 pads for the CY-6 you will not be disappointed. Just remember that the CY-6's are going for $80 bucks a whack and the PD-7 are still over $120 I believe. I would still use a PD-7 or 9 for the ride.
                  Ted H.


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                    hey im not sure of the definitions of each pad but i think i was thinkining the same thing some trade or like that with some of the custom cymbal pads and get a few of those that have the same look as a real cymbal...can somebody tell me the names?are the cy-6 the ones that come with the club set????anyways i would like also to leave one of the cymbal pads that come with the td-8 for ride cymbal....anyways i have to keep working...but im finding wood working pretty interesting so im learning some practic stuff and im gonna get my kit too!!!cool isnt it?
                    sorry for the english bye