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Static-like clicks in recording

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  • Static-like clicks in recording

    I'm getting clicks only on the Tom-toms when I record the TD-10 on a DAW. When I do a roll, there they are.

    I think it's the levels because when I turn them WAY down it stops. But they were never NEAR peaking to begin with. The levels were -6dB at the highest and I'm recording at 24 bit (more headroom than 16). Ridiculous.

    And so low are the output levels on the TD-10.


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    When I record with cakewalk I set the master volume to about 1 o'clock otherwise my wave form peaks out (in cakewalk 6.0)



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      Had similar problems when recording to either my Sony deck or Cool Edit Pro. I played around with the individual equalizer settings, mixer outputs (in the TD10), volume level and so on. I used to get a clip or click all the time in the hihat sound and cymbal sounds.

      Now I can turn my module's master volume to full to get the best possible signal to noise ratio. I don't hear the clipping or clicking anymore. Pretty much do my overall eq'ing through the external mixer now anyway but I did remedy the problem internally first.

      Good luck!

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        I think it's the sound card. I did some tests with vocals and guitar and I still hear the clicks. I tried everything w/ levels, diff. inputs, software buffering, etc.. I'm 95% sure it's the Delta 1010. I'm in luck 'cause I've only had it 2 weeks, so they can send me another.



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          I think it could be the latency from your audio card which may be is set to low for your system