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Live Performance Sound - Nothing to do w/ V-Drums

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  • Live Performance Sound - Nothing to do w/ V-Drums

    OK, fellas. I know this is the v-drum forum, but I know it is also a plethera of sound engineer gurus who know just about everything about music and the best equipment to get the best sound. So, hopefully, one of you will read this and give me some input.

    I need a handheld hardwired or wireless vocal microphone with little to no handling noise. We currently use Shure SM58's which I love, but when you go to put it in the stand "BUMP, BUMP, BUMP!" Any suggestions? (Besides, of course, a sound man who is actually on top of things and turns the doggone thing down when you go to put it in the stand?)

    Also, what's your choice for vocal headset mics? Thanks for your input in advance and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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    Originally posted by RU4G:
    ... when you go to put it in the stand "BUMP, BUMP, BUMP!" Any suggestions?
    Sure, line the mic holder with thick felt or foam using some Elmer's. (And y'all thought I could only play drums, PFFT! Move over Eddie K.)


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      Noise gate.



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        Try different microphone clips.
        I find the hard plastic ones are the best, you can slide the mic in with little or no contact noise, the rubber ones or a clip that is too small will judder as you have to clip the mic in.

        Get a mic with an on/off switch.

        How close are you using the mic? if you can get real close to the windshield (I mean brushing the mic with your lips) and your vocal style does not pop the mic ( use an extra foam muff if it does ), the soundman doesnt have to turn you up as much and so handling noise is much reduced, and your sound/ monitor quality will improve as well.

        Is your sound guy using loads of compression?

        Headset mics- I have had good results from Audio Technica ATM75 s . Or if you are into shure try the WH20