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Dennis Chambers ddrum soundfont here!

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  • Dennis Chambers ddrum soundfont here!

    Hi all.... I'm a V-Drum user and wanted to check out some of the highly acclaimed ddrum fonts, so I started building a soundfont from the available D. Chamber samples (I liked the Toms). Here is the soundfont and an MP3 demo to check out. I didn't use all of the samples when building this font as I wanted to get some feedback before spending too much time on it.
    This was my first soundfont. I still have some fine tuning to do on the Hi-Hat and Cymbals and am anxious to hear what you all say about the feel of the kit.

    If you like it, I'll do more ddrum fonts ..Any requests? Please post replies in the Vdrum (technical) discussion forum.

    Bill http://members.home.net/wblack03/Bills%20Place.htm