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V Drums Recording, the quick approach!

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  • V Drums Recording, the quick approach!

    I have tried to do a little recording with my Vdrums and a couple of musicians I have been working with. I used some very basic equipment to get the two tracks I have on my FTP site (July 28 -01, July 28 - 02).

    This was the very first time I have played with other musicians using the V Drums. They were blown away by the overall sound and versatility. The bass player is also a drummer (I use his kit when we jam at their studio) and is just dying to pick up a Vkit. V Drums are not the alpha and omega but there are times when they really do make a difference in killing the ekit stereo types still pervasive in some music circles.

    What was used for the recording was an 8 channel powered mixer and a Sony cassette deck. I had the bass player and guitar player plug into the 8 channel mixer and I had two channels to cover the stereo output on my TD10.

    We had virtually no time to really set any of the levels so I did the mixing part using Cool Edit Pro on my P3 733, 512MB RAM, computer system. We recorded a scratch track essentially and the quality is certainly not perfect ( I really do not know the songs) but it sounds ok for a basic attempt.

    These fellows do have a four track (Fostex)and an eight track (Roland digital) in their possession that I just can't wait to try (if they let me)! SO sometime in the future I may have the chance to create some decent sounding tracks.

    The FTP site is

    ftp://vdrum:[email protected]/

    Download whatever you like or upload your own tracks if you wish. Use your copy to folder function or just double click what you are interested in.

    The two tracks are in the Weapon Practice directory (July 28-01, July 28-02).

    Drumless MP3's are still available.

    Visit my site at http://cyberjam.cjb.net/
    if you haven't already that is.

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    Kelly Mercer
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    My Youtube Channel!

    My "home studio" webcam!