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Just Played Acoustics.....latency issue??

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  • Just Played Acoustics.....latency issue??

    Had the opportunity yesterday to sit in with a group that had an older Pearl Kit rigged in an iso booth...Its been a long time since I've player more than a few minutes on an acoustic kit...

    everything was monitored with cans and my most striking discovery was everthing seemed a bit tighter....I enjoyed the immediate impact of a snare blast back in my face, rather than striking an e-snare, having the hit transfered through the brain, into a mixer, and out to the monitor....

    I'm not dissing the E's, it has huge advantages, but there is clearly a latency issue here...anyone else had this experience??

    P.S.. the session was tracked and it seemed like it was the tightest I've played in a while...

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    P.S.. the session was tracked and it seemed like it was the tightest I've played in a while...
    You're missing that metronome, aren't you?

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      I havent noticed any latency problems at all with my club set. I also play an acoustic set in a band at least once a week, and no difference. One thing I have noticed is ever since I got my v-drums, my playing has gotten tighter. On both acoustic and electric. I think this is due to just being able to practice more frequently. Acoustic is definitely a nice change from the v-drums once a week though. Though I think the opposite would be true if I was playing soley on acoustic. Grass is always greener. You know.

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