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How do you pack your TD10/8?

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  • How do you pack your TD10/8?

    Just wondering how you guys 'pack' your brain (TD10/8) when travelling?

    I'm currently using an aluminium tool case with some padding - and leaving the mounting plate attached.

    The mounting plate left on makes it a little inconvenient to pack, but taking it off (four screws) is also a little inconvenient.

    Have any of you guys come up with a 'Quick Release' mechanism for the plate?

    I'm thinking about 'elongating' the holes on the plate (to like a keyhole shape) so that I can easily attach & detach my brain. If I cut the holes in the right direction, I'll be able to let gravity hold the brain in the right direction ('cause I have by brain angled towards me).

    Anyone got any thoughts on this one?
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    Roland's V-Travel case.
    Musiciansfriend has Beato gig bag sets for the V's for around $200, seems like a nice alternative to the rather expensive case'n'bag set.

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      I wrap bubble wrap around the TD8 (clamp mount intact) and place it and the KD80 in a carry-on bag. Al of the other pads and pedals fit inside a hard cooler, and the cables/rack is folded and remains intact. I carry the TD-8 bag, of course!


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        I leave my plate attached and place the module in an old Sony video8 case. The case is lined with foam and is the perfect size for the module. The case is then packed into my road case which has all my other stuff in it.

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          I've got mine in the box it came in. It's a bit bulky, but it'll come in handy if it breaks! (Like my Pintech snare and PM-3 both have recently :mad

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            [QUOTE]Originally posted by Oz DrumR:
            [B]Just wondering how you guys 'pack' your brain (TD10/8) when travelling?

            I use an SKB briefcase for my TD-8. It comes with plenty of padding foam inside. I leave the rackmount attached and have pleny of room left for the power supply and I also put the manual underneath the foam in the lid. Works great never a scratch on the module.


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              Originally posted by Oz DrumR:
              Just wondering how you guys 'pack' your brain (TD10/8) when travelling?

              I have the 3-piece set of padded bags by Beato. However, I don't just place my TD-10 into the appropriate bag and go. I will wrap bubble wrap around it, then place it into the bag. I guess I'm a little paranoid about it getting bumped against a door jam or something, especially on the rare occaision when I let someone else carry my stuff.