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Change pad sounds through Sequencer

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  • Change pad sounds through Sequencer

    I just picked up a V-Club set. Having been out of the midi game for awhile, I am wondering if it is possible to have a sequencer change the sound associated with a pad on the fly.

    I have Cakewalk but have not figured it all out yet.

    Perhaps someone knows a good web site I can go to to figure out how to do this.



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    Sorry to take so long to reply to this here message (come on, guys)...

    The easy way to do this is to use program/bank change messages from Cakewalk.

    Go to "Insert", then "Bank/Patch Change" and select the kit number you want (1 to 50 -- could be 0 to 49 as well).

    If you want to just change the sounds, I'm afraid there is no way to just change one sound on one pad.

    However, the Bank/Patch Change thing mentioned above, coupled with some nifty use of custom kits, could get you what you desire.

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