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Simple rack for simple kit..

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  • Simple rack for simple kit..

    I'm going on vacation and want to bring a VERY scaled down V kit consisting of TD8, snare, ride cymbal, hihat/pedal and kick/pedal. I'd like to purchase a very small rack that would accomodate the Roland mounting hardware. My exsisting Vcustom rack is way too much for this abridged kit. Anyone have any thoughts about a source for smaller racks??

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    Does it have to be a rack? Why not just use a cymbal stand?

    Hardware that will attach your brain to the stand is not hard to find (you could pick up a Pearl clamp for ~ $20). You could then clamp a second cymbal arm off the stand for your high hats (or even run it off your snare stand). Albeit, it may not have the aesthetic appeal of a rack, but it is a functional and cheap alternative.

    IMHO you are better off getting away from the Roland mounting hardware, it doesn't take too much looking around to find other good alternatives.

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      I was asked to sit in with a coffee-house trio and I felt taking the complete V-Pro set was probably overkill. Certainly it would take up too much room in the smaller coffee houses. So, I downsized by purchasing two boom cymbal stands, mounted a tom holder on each, and mounted an additional boom arm on one of the stands for the hi-hat pad. I essentially had a 4-piece kit, plus cymbals. I mounted the TD-10 on the base of a straight cymbal stand. It was a rather quick and relatively cheap solution and the added benefit was that I didn't have to completely tear the rack at home...just had to slap the drums back on and re-run the cables.


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        Gibralter makes small side racks that might be perfect for you, there are still some Yamaha Latin racks floating around. Go to the Ultimate Support site, you can build your own.
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          Here's an option: check out a practice pad set. Not too expensive, has a simple rack, and as a bonus you can convert the pads to e-drums with $1.50 Radio Shack piezos!

          Or you could experiment with some PVC pipe from the HW store. I think you can get the same size as the regular rack pipes and use your wxisting clamps. This would be a very cheap and custom way to go...


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            Musicians friend also has the Gilbralter grs-350gc rack on sale for 249. It is an excellent rack, and it comes with 4 clamps and 2 boom cymbal arms. Great deal!


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