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V-Session kits

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  • V-Session kits

    I have the only purple V-Session kit in Europe at the present time. The drum shells don't fade from purple to white like the V-Concert....

    ... It's ALL purple. Hell, the rack is even purple! I think that my cymbals will even be purple (when Roland have actually made them for me and shipped them out )... currently I only have black PD-9's for crashes and ride and a PD-7 for hi-hat...

    Oh, and my kit is not the package V-Session. For one thing, I have the TD-10 with TDW-1 V-Cymbal expansion (probably comes as standard), and I got the personal V-drum monitor system (PM-3) free with the kit, and I chose to have 3 PD-100's and 1 PD-120 for toms, as I didn't like the idea of having 2 toms + 2 floor toms. Personally, I prefer 3 + 1.

    I have a PD-120 for snare and KD-120 for kick.

    E-mail me if you want a picture of my kit.

    By the way, I don't like playing out of the speakers of the PM-3 that much. That's not to say the speakers are bad. The reality is far from it. However, I just prefer headphones. I plug the PM-3 into the TDW-1 brain. I then plug the headphones into the 200-watt subwoofer of the PM-3...

    200-watts. Woohoo!! And the neighbours haven't complained yet!!


    Anybody else have a non-package-deal V-Session/V-Pro/V-Club/V-Custom? What have you got? What did you pay for it?

    And is it an extraordinary colour? (As in not normal white?)

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