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TD-5 a nice kit

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  • TD-5 a nice kit

    Had a chance to play a TD-5 today. The store had a real cymbal along with the pad cymbal side by side. The TD-5 cymbal sounded fantastic. The toms sounded good also, but the snare needed work, or someone monkied with the snare setting. I'm sure 3 minutes of tweaking and it would be in the saddle. All in all, a very nice e drum kit. The cymbal really impressed me. I was pleased with the quality of sound. Though the pads were rubber they felt nice, like practice pads. The kit over all was nice. It may not be a TD-10 but all in all a good e kit if one couldn't afford a TD-10. Could easily be used professionally as it sounded realistic through the monitor system. A good kit for anyone getting into E Drums.

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    I almost agree with you (yes good starter e-kit) but you will outgrow a TD-5 very fast. I started with a Td-5 ,the only cymbal I really cared for was a swish , big draw back was the machine gun effect on the toms & snare when doing fast fills , but overall I guess a good starter kit when getting into E's (cheap starter) I sold mine for $400.00 canadian .