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For all you Handsonic users

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  • For all you Handsonic users

    My Handsonic should be arriving at my doorstep any day now, and I'm getting curious as to how you Handsonic users out there use your dual-trigger input, i.e. pad or kick. What do you use, and why? What do you personally think augments the nature of the Handsonic better?

    I'm thinking of using it not only as the hand percussion source it is, but also as an extremely portable kit, you see, I'm getting lazier by the minute!

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"

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    Handsonic Uses

    I connect my vdrums hi-hat and kick pedal with their existing cables for a basic but simple drum set. It doesn't have the impact of a full kit, but when my band plays outdoors or in small venues made for small acoustic bands or solo artists, it does the trick.