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vcustom pad setups

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  • vcustom pad setups

    i was wondering if any v-custom users out there had special setups for their kit... i was thinking of changing mine (focus on the hihats) and i thought maybe some people here have tried it. is the rack for the customs as flexible as the VPro rack for this?


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    The Custom rack is more flexible than the Pro rack, because the snare mounts to a separate sidearm than the brain & hihat. I picked up a sturdier Gibraltar rack, but added a second sidearm on the left so it's like the Custom rack. The upper arm with the hihat is independently adjustable, so no problem with the pad placement. I also mounted a Yamaha BP-80 stick just over and behind the hihat.

    Overall, the racks and mounts are quite adjustable. (Pick up the Gibraltar-style clamps for under $10 for better customization.) You can flip L-rods upside-down or front-to-back to give a wider range of placements, as well as adjusting the rack itself.

    Are you having a particular problem with pad placement?