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Any new kits coming out?

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  • Any new kits coming out?

    Does anybody know if there are any new kits coming out from Hart, Pintech, or Drumtech? I have seen pictures at the last NAMM show, but no new complete kits available yet.

    [email protected]
    Hart 6.4 Pro TE3.2 kit (plus extra 8" Hart tom)
    3x CY-14, 1x CY-15, CY-12HH, KitToys 8" and 10" splash, Visu-Lite 18" China
    TD-10 w/ TDW-1, TD-8, SPDS Sampling Pad
    FD-8, Tama Iron Cobra Flexi-Glide double pedal
    1x PD-7, 2x PD-9, Hart Hammer
    Hart and Gibraltar hardware

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    Here is a new configuration from Hart dynamics. It is the Studio SX kit. This kit is Hart's answer to lower cost kits and has many components used on the Custom kits... Continuing the run of successful Alesis kits, this configuration has their Ultilite rack, dual ply mesh heads, and a rack-mount snare as main differences.... Expect to see prices on this kit paired with the new TD6 module for approx. $1600, and $1800 with the TD8.... I am sure some of the better online electronic percussion dealers (cough) will have this kit along with more info...