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Hi-hat setup

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  • K-Chuck
    Hi Rob,

    I put my hi-hat just to the left of the snare, at the end of the rack arm (instead of putting the TD-8 at the end of the rack arm). It's tempting to put it in a more convenient place, but becuase I'm still a beginning drummer, I want to learn the mechanics of playing that I have to use on an acoustic kit. I may not be using the flexibility of the e-drums to their fullest, but to make the e-/a-kit transition easy for me, I do it this way. More experienced and accomplished drummers probably don't have this concern.

    Or maybe more experienced drummers are able to get their acoustic hi-hat closer to the front of their snare than I can. After breaking down and repositioning the acoustic kit recently, I was able to get my hi-hat from a 9:00 o'clock postion (relative to the snare) to about 10:30 postion, and still reach the pedal easily. This is probably the positioning I should have been using all along. Oh well. That's ignorance for you.

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  • Pleiadian
    started a topic Hi-hat setup

    Hi-hat setup

    This topic was raised in the thread 'Pics of my V-Drum Kit' but I thought it would be nice as a new post...

    How have you set up your hi-hat?

    One of the things I really loved when I just got my V's was the fact that I could place my hi-hat anywhere I wanted.

    I tested several positions and ended up with the hi-hat a lot more to the centre than would be possible on an acoustic kit.

    When playing 16th notes on the hi-hat, it's now very easy to hit a note on the snare with my left hand... this was nearly impossible on my acoustics.

    How have you set it up? Do you have problems switching from your e-kit to your a-kit?