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Sequencer for live use

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  • Sequencer for live use

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a sequencer for live use. I have a laptop with Sonar (Cakewalk)software, but I have read a lot of posts that say you should not use a computer in live situations for the reasons that you may ruin your laptop-(beer spill, knocking it over etc); and also that it may not be as reliable as a stand alone sequencer.
    The next issue then is what stand alone sequencer to use. Most that I have read about like the Yamaha QY series say that they would not use them for live applications. Also it seems like their memory is not all that large.
    My thought was the Yamaha mdf3, a midi data filer. I thought the data could be created, edited etc. in a computer with software like Cakewalk, and then load it into the midi data filer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    The Yamaha would be a good choice, but I use an Alesis DataDisk in just the manner that you describe (creating sequences on software, bumping them to floppy via the unit in question, and using the unit for sequencer playback in a live situation), and I'm very happy with it. Do a search on "DataDisk" and you'll see that I've made several related posts .... You can find DataDisks dirt cheap on eBay ($50.00-$75.00). Just make sure you get the newer version with the sequencer playback option. The older version functions solely as a MIDI data filer.......

    Hope this helps!

    [This message has been edited by Mick Wade (edited July 02, 2001).]

    [This message has been edited by Mick Wade (edited July 02, 2001).]
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