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Pix of My New V Drum Setup - Unique...Thanks vdrums.com !!

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  • Pix of My New V Drum Setup - Unique...Thanks vdrums.com !!

    If the button doesn't work go here:

    See my photos of v-drums at PhotoPoint

    The Details --- TD-8, All new RED pads: 2 pd-120, 1 pd-100, 1 kd-120. 2 CY-6 Cymbals, 1 used as a crash, one used as a High Hat (cool...) . Visulite 18"Black Opaque Ride (dualzone), Visulite 16" Red Choke Crash, Gibraltar Curved Rack, FD-7, Ludwig SpeedKing Pedal(I know, but like it, o.k.?), BBE Sound Sonic Maximizer 482.

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    That's pretty slick, nice job.
    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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      Originally posted by barrybonzo:
      [B Thanks V-drum.com[/B]
      Glad it came together so nicely for you Barry. Looks like you need some red sticks and a few velcro cable wraps. The use of the CY-6 as hihat was ingenious.

      I feel the same way about Vdrums.com - I saved some money and avoided some big mistakes. The Gibraltar rack reference, Beatnik's home made trigger info, Lee's Vkit software, Steve Lynch's Groovetrainer and Vandals drumless mp3's are worth the price of admission alone. As is the help of so many experienced (if not tempermental) e-drummers. We are fortunate indeed.


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        Could you please explain what you did to mount the CY-6 as a High Hat? I have already bought 2 of these and want 2 more, just have to wait for Sam Ash to get more in, but I might try one as a high hat as well.


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          many hardware companies (i used gibr. because that's what rack I had) make a stationary highat/always closed highat holder...some call it an "X-Hat", that is basically the top half of a normal highat stand (thick tube, clutch assembly, thin rod, etc). I took a Gibr. mulitclamp and put this unit onto the multiclamp, then you simply put the bottom silver CY-6 holder that comes with the CY-6 onto the highat rod, put the CY-6 Pad through the rod onto the base holder thingy, then take the top half of the clutch assembly and wedge it tight into the the top hole of the CY-6 and then screw into onto the thin rod and there it is... I have mine slightly tilted towards me and it feels great.


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            Fine pictures.

            Are the red drumpads white at the top or is it the light who is shining on them? (or is it the temperature outside today? ... or even the beer ...)


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              The red pads fade from black to red to white. They look great in person.