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Pintech's mesh heads.....

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  • Pintech's mesh heads.....

    Does anyone else have a problem with these heads, tearing or nicking around the edges? I have only had the kit for a month and already I need a new head for the pad I am using as a snare. Apparently I am hitting the edge as I am playing and it is causing the damage. I am very disappointed in the durability of their mesh heads. Am I the only one? It is happening with my other Pintech mesh pads as well, but since I use the snare most it is breaking down quicker. I emailed Pintech(Tony) and he all he did was email me back and say that they need to improve their product...Brad
    TD-8, Hart Acusnare, Pintech Concertcast toms, Gibraltar rack

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    Hey Brad - we've corresponded by e-mail. I'm kind of surprised to hear that. I've had the kit for over a year and don't have a single mark or fray on them! I can't even tell which was the snare for the first 9 months (I got the AX13S recently and moved the snare to a Tom position). They all look 100% new. My teenager plays hard and the set gets abused by his non-playing buddies all the time. If what you say is a new problem for Pintech, they better get it fixed in a hurry! I just recommended them to someone in another thread. Better keep my mouth shut till this new problem gets worked out. Call Tony on their 800 line and B_TCH. I wonder if Roland 10" heads would work??


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      Yes, Roland 10" heads work.


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        Thank you for the quick replies. Cliff, have you tried the roland heads? If so, did you have to make adjustments in the drum module in order to compensate for the change in sensitivty if there was any? Someone said that each edrum was designed for that particular head and it wouldn't perform as well with a different head. Do you think that theory holds any water? Drummersdad, I can't believe it as all of my pads have some nicks now, not nearly as bad as my snare, but I can see that they would have to be replaced in the near future. Maybe I have a newer or older version of the heads that is not as durable. In the pictures on the website and elsewhere that I have seen the Pintech logo is a circle at the bottom of the head, the logo on my heads is just normal block letters. Are yours the same?...Brad
        TD-8, Hart Acusnare, Pintech Concertcast toms, Gibraltar rack


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          Brad -
          Mine say PINTECH SILENTECH in block letters. Maybe you should switch from those Ginsu 5A sticks
          I'd also like to hear from anyone who has tried the Roland heads on a Pintech - just for future reference (no help for my 14" snare though) I think I heard someplace that Evans makes the Pintech and Remo makes the Roland heads - but not sure if they sell them direct.


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            In my opinion, you shouldn't use the Pintech heads -- they're too bouncy. Anyway, on a note more attune to your topic...

            The Pintech heads are single-ply, while the Roland official V-drum mesh heads are double-ply. Basically what this means is that the Roland official heads are doubly strong compared to the Pintech heads. Thus the Pintech heads (on average) wear out in half the time that the Roland ones do. I hit the edge quite a lot on my official Roland pads (for fast snare rolls etc.) and they don't show any signs of damage. Please also bear in mind that I've only had my V-drums for 11 days...
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