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Suggestions for added depth using Mackie SRM 450?

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  • Suggestions for added depth using Mackie SRM 450?

    I just added a BBE Sonic Maximizer (model 482) which GREATLY enhanced the sound of my V drums through my (one) SRM 450. Now I'm hooked on getting an even better sound live (small clubs). My only mild gripe is that the toms still sound a bit "flat" and lifeless..they dont seem to have as much ring and musical tone as they do through the headphones...Any thoughts on the "next step" for a better live sound? Thanks all.

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    I don't know much about sound processors, but never compare a live sound with a headphone sound. The latter is always better since the speakers are close to your ears and loud speakers, amps and mixers in a sound system (even when they are integrated in one powered speaker) always colour the sound.


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      You could try messing with the EQ on your module. Some extra high-end on your toms would probably fix the problem, although you'd be better off with an outboard EQ and mixer, I reckon. On the SRM450, you can try different combinations of "low cut" and "contour", or just simply crank up the volume. It always sounds better loud -- sometimes completely different. Also try putting the monitor on a stand, or away from the corner of the room, and make sure the horn has a direct line of sight to your ears.

      The BBE looks to be a great investment -- that might just be my next upgrade. Do you have an outboard mixer too, or do you just feed the signal through the BBE and then straight to the monitor?
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