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Which electronic snare??? Help me out please...

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  • Which electronic snare??? Help me out please...

    I would like as many opinions as possible here. From what I have read it seems as if the Roland PD-120 is the favorite so far. I have been looking at the Pintech Acoustech snare and the Hart Accusnare as well. I have the Pintech Concercast setup and I LOVE it. But I would like a larger playing surface for my snare. I have read that the Roland PD-120 is the most sensitive and really works best with the TD-8(which is the module that I have). The only thing I am not crazy about with the Pintech's is the dual zone snare. It works fine, but if I can get better results and feel I would go and spend the extra money. Thanks for your help...Brad
    TD-8, Hart Acusnare, Pintech Concertcast toms, Gibraltar rack

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    If your using a Roland module, and you are, you need a PD 120. The responce is excelent.


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      . . . or the PD80R, obviously smaller, but does the job just as well.
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        Only use 'foreign' pads after testing them intensively because in general Roland pads work best with Roland modules, ddrum with ddrum and yamaha with yamaha