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TMX Module

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  • TMX Module

    So years ago, I bought a Yamaha TMX module to use with my old acoustics. I have about 5 triggers, Fish and Simmons mix, plus the module which I maybe used 4 times (brand new condition, in box, with manny).

    What do you guys think, should I just sell this thing off, or hang on to it in case I need more inputs for my sampler or something?

    Make no mistake about it, the module sucks. I haven't sold it yet, because I doubt I'd get anything worthwhile for it, and if I ended up needing more inputs, I'd have to get some other unit that would cost probably more than I'd get for the TMX.

    Then again, I don't envision myself ever using the TMX for anything at all, and it seems wasteful to have a piece of equipment sitting around for no reason.

    What would you do?


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    Say goodbye to it. Unless it ever become collectable, it will only sell for less. Get what you can for it.


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      I had a old Pearl Drum X module and it was a piece of doo doo I put it on ebay and it went for $279. This module was not midi so one mans junk was another man treasure. I was thinking like you, who would want this thing and a friend of mine talked me into selling it. The guy who bought it emailed me back and said he loved it the sounds were very retro he said (it had the old Simmons sounds).


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        Thanks, guys.

        How much should I ask for it?