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Can someone appraise this for me?

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  • Can someone appraise this for me?

    I think I'm gonna sell my Techstar set. Every time I use them it feels like I'm hitting a brick wall, which leads to weaker sticks and weaker wrists. I was thinking of selling the following:

    -TS-305 module (one channel functions weird and sporadically, but may be repaired)
    -6 Techstar Pads
    -1 Techstar bass drum pad
    -2 Tama Omnispere stands (double braced, boom, really heavy duty)
    -2 Snare type stands (no names)

    As you can see, the module does not allow for all 7 inputs, but maybe one would be able to hook it up to another unit as I did.

    I'm looking to get some Acupads (3 for now). I love the way they feel.

    My drums, y'all...
    "Get out there and rock...
    and roll the bones...
    GET BUSY!"
    substrike.com for a better tomorrow - today!
    My Drums
    Tama Rockstar Acoustics, Zildjian and Wuhan Cymbals, Roland SPD-20, Roland PM-16, Akai S2000 w/Iomega 250 SCSI Zip, 2 Pintech Silentech Pads (one single zone, one dual zone), Kat F.A.T. Pedal, Pintech K3, Simmons pads.