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Fusion in 5 Pattern

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  • Fusion in 5 Pattern

    I'm really enjoying this board!

    About that pattern in 5...

    I get the first measure, with the piano...but the next two the bass and guitar sound like a couple of crackheads.

    How are you supposed to drum to that? I slowed the tempo down and it still sounds nuts, specially the bass.

    What do you guise do for those two bars?

    (In fact, it would be really fun to have a site where we could load up examples of how each of us handles several of the patterns.)

    Okay. Thanx in advcnce,

    the vDrumber

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    I'm assuming you are talking about pattern 37 - Funk5/4A? on the td10

    If so...it's just in five...like all odd meter, it feels strange, unless you are used to odd meter.

    Here's two things to try:
    1. Ignore the other instruments and just play a 5 pattern against it...don't worry about what the others are playing. After it feels good...let your feelings guide you to playing what fits in with the others without stomping on them...Try to stick to a groove, not a bunch of fills...when you feel good about it, add some fills, and then when it really starts grooving and you feel like you know exactly where the 1 is, solo over the 1 (a Dave Weckl term), meaning start a fill somewhere in the measure but don't finish it up until the middle of the next measure someplace...I love ending on the two with a snare and crash in some spots of any pop music...avoids the obvious fill.

    2. Play straight 4/4 against the pattern. You will line back up with it after two iterations, every other measure, the kick and snare will reverse with each other...neat feeling...but don't try to add anything to this...feels nice with just its own odd simplicity.

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      Do you have the metronome playing at the same time? Try the 'Counting Lady'(Voice). She'll count it out as the pattern plays, that should give you a guide.



      • #4

        That's a lady?!
        I couldn't really tell, but that's good to know. Guess I'll have to treat her with more respect.
        Thanks, DJourg.

        But, yeah, redbrick, that's the pattern alright. I like what you say (but I think just playing 4/4 is cheating).

        I guess I would like to try to kind of accent what the bass player is doing ( like with my bass), but can't get the hang of it since it's so bizzarre. I mean, listen to it, does it make sense to you?

        I think somebody at Roland just programmed that to screw us up!

        (DO you guys have any comsperacy theries on this board yet?)

        - the vDrumber



        • #5
          Not really that complicated...Pretty standard except for the one 16th note run at the end of the first of the two 5/4 measures. Straight sixteenths starting on 5 and then a down beat on the next 1.

          Depending on the tempo you run it at, it may be difficult to follow exactly with a single kick. If I were interested in following it note for note, I'd probably do a tom/kick ruff, like Tom3, Tom4, Kick, Kick in rhythm.

          Basically everything else is just 8ths...the 5/4 will SCREW you up, though.

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            There are THREE 5/4 measures!

            Also, there are a bunch of dotted 1/8's followed by 1/16's (or vicey versie) at strange places.

            They might even be
            Hey! wait a second...

            Okay, the pattern I'm talking about is called "Fsn in 5" (although it DOES have a funk-style bass) and it's #21 on my td10. It's the only 5/4 pattern I've got. Maybe some previous renter/owner diddled with the patterns. I thought it was virgin.

            Yeah, I think we're talking about differt patches. Sorry about that--my mistake!

            Do you know the one I'm talking about now?



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              I'm supposed to be getting out of here but I HAD to figure this out (and post it)..

              I think I've got it nailed.

              It's 3 bars of 5/4 but they're broken up funny for the bass part. Sounds like he's playing a bar of 5, then 6, and finally 4. That's how it sounds to me, anyway, and how I'm drumming to it, and it sounds okay.
              I can't really follow along his hits with my bass (well, between bass & snare) unless I slow it down by at least 20 beats, though (normally it's 140).

              So, guess I finally answered my own question!
              Maybe somebudy else will be interested.

              - the vDrumber


              • #8
                Pattern #21 "Fusion" Right ???

                Just listen to the piano and bass,
                piano has a chord on almost all the
                downbeats, bass repeats it's lick through the whole song. If you watch the TD-10's
                "count" you will see that the pattern is
                12 measures long... be ready for the loop at the end. When I first got my V's, I could play to this pattern for hours.
                (I thought I was Dave Weckl or something !)



                • #9
                  Nope. I'm talking about "Fsn in 5".

                  Sorry I goofed (again), it's #23.

                  BUt yeah, the one you're talking is really nice to play to (in part cuz it's so lengthy)!
                  (But it isn't in 5/4!)

                  Meanwhile, I am now counting "my" pattern as if it's 15/8:
                  a bar of 7 then a bar of eight, which I think works the best. The 8 bar has all the weird synchopation.


                  the vDrumber



                  • #10

                    Sorry, but none of the patterns in my TD-10 expanded match what you are talking about...maybe it was replaced with the upgrade...

                    #37 is what I described above
                    #21 is 12 bars of 4/4
                    #23 is in 7/8

                    Can't help with your delemna...sorry.
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                    • #11

                      Okay, I think I know what's goin on.

                      My v-Drums were "new" but discounted because I think they had been sold (and returned) before. SO somebody must have diddled with the pattern. That explains why it's so weird!
                      I will shortly be connecting to my computer, so when I do, I will upload my "fsn in 5" pattern so others can see what I have been talking about! (It's kind of interesting, too).

                      Meanwhile you have me curious what the orginal # 23 in 7/8 sounds like!

                      Thanks again,
                      the vDrumber


                      • #12
                        Nope. I'm wrong still again!
                        A friend was over last night to play some bass and piano and she noticed the "Locked" cassette symbol on that pattern. Duh. It can't be changed, it's factory set. Fergot.

                        I just looked at the manual I downloaded (Thanks, Boingo!) and sure enough, there it is on page 153 in the Preset pattern list: 23 "Fsn in 5" 140 tempo, 3 bars. So do some TD-10's come with different patterns than others? I'd think that people would have really noticed this one since it's so odd!

                        The number 37 you refer to, Redbrick, "funk in 5/4", is "JzIntro" on my machine as well as in the manual!

                        Maybe this is from the upgrade board (which I don't have)?

                        the VDrumber



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                          I'm confused...
                          "I do what I like, and I like what I do."


                          • #14
                            I'm no longer confused!!

                            I got my V's last Tuesday, and now I can see what's happening!

                            Pattern 37 is "Funk5/4A" on my TD-10 with TDW-1. It's just a straight 5/4 groove. Use a metronome (Voice is best on an interval of 1/8) and lock to it.

                            Pattern 21 is "Fusion" and is 12 bars of 4/4.

                            Pattern 23 is "Funk 7/8" and is a 7/8 funk groove. (duh)

                            Hope this clears stuff up.
                            "I do what I like, and I like what I do."