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DTXtreme price plummet !!!!!

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  • DTXtreme price plummet !!!!!

    DTXtreme (DSXT11) now on sale.
    $2499 !
    This is the same Riksmusic.com that
    only a few weeks ago could not match a
    Midwest Percussion quote of $2999 ! Best
    they would do was $3200 !
    What do you think this all means ?
    I may be wrong but I see a price slash of
    this magnitude to mean that Yamaha wants
    to sell off all these kits and start from
    scratch with something they feel can better
    compete with Roland.
    If I happen to like the Xtreme should I care?
    I know Mcconaghy said on a previous post that
    he somehow knew that Yamaha has no
    intention of bailing out on the Xtreme
    and if that is correct then the price
    plummet is 1 way to get people to consider
    buying. But how can anyone really know
    what a manufacturing giant's plans are.
    If it continues not to sell and, in fact, if
    it is eventually discontinued what does
    this mean to me if I decide to buy and I'm
    left with a product that is no longer
    being manufactured ? What have been the
    consequences to you E drummers who have
    purchased a product and then it's
    production is later halted ?
    Man, that's a nice price.

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    My bet is that Yamaha is redesigning. The discounts are comming from Yamaha and that usually means a change in product.


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      First full page ad in Modern Drummer this month too...weird eh?

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        Thanks for your input.
        Actually, I'm not crazy about the Xtreme "as
        it stands" either.
        The hi hat pad s.ucks.
        The hi hat pedal is so so( Jrcel, however, said it can be adjusted and improved "100%")
        The 2 cymbal pads (how could they give you 2 cymbals and have expected to compete with Roland ! ) are OK, I guess.
        The drumheads can be replaced with mesh though when I tried a Roland mesh over the regular padding underneath ( instead of the "waffle replacement pad you're supposed to use ) the stick noise was somewhat annoying to me. My best guess, and unfortunately it's only a guess, is that the waffle pad doesn't actually take away that stick noise to an acceptable degree.
        That's alot, huh ?
        Actually I've been thinking about just the module perhaps combined with other "elements"
        though it never seems to make much sense no matter what I come up with (eg Gibralter rack, CY-6 Roland cymbals, pintech pads, whatever else for hi hat pad ). How can I be sure that all of these things would work in harmony ?
        DTXtreme definitely sinks.
        Will I go down with the ship ?
        Probably not.
        I too could not believe that ad in MD.
        Very mysterious.


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          Yamaha has a history of doing this sort of thing, I think the problem lies with their corperate structure, they make what they think drummers are looking for instead of making ground breaking products. They had to "fix" the DTX module when it came out as well. They desparately need a Steve Fisher to guide them into the right direction, Tony Verderosa may be a wonderful clinician and all around good guy, but they need a more mainstream approach to the electronic drum division. They seem to me to be wandering in the wilderness without a compass to guide them.
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            I think what's going on with the edrum market is that these companies have made a huge miscalculation. Everyone expected the US economy to bounce right back after the tech stock fall in recent weeks. It has failed to do so, to come out with $4000-6000 drums right now is not bright, especially given the market saturation to this point. I think many people are not going to make a move to a more expensive, and lets face it, luxory item that is more or less what they already own. This is no time for semantics, it's do or die for high priced edrums. The Japanese failed to put a high importance on how the California power crunch would affect the US economy as a whole, being that California is inexorably tied to the NASDAC, it's unavoidable. I think it's wishful thinking on their part to assume there was no end in sight, which is unusual in light of the fact that Japanese industry has always had a long term view. But hey, I'm just a Rock and Roll drummer, so what do I know.

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            Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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              I think you're all making some very valid points. The discounts are coming from Yamaha directly, I think it's re-adjusting the market in order to encourage sales. If they can offer the DTXtreme for a lot lower than the V's than they've previously priced them, then they can probably sell a few units more.
              I agree with the clinician question. Yamaha needs someone from their endorser roster who cna do a better job at demonstrating them than Tony Verderosa. The clinic I saw did in hindsight seem very one-dimensional, aimed at what interested Verderosa, but somehow going over the heads of the drummers who want some good kits and don't neccessarily need tons of effects and gimmicks. They should use someone like J.R. Robinson, a good all-round player, not someone from a niche genre. They could have handled this a lot better than they have, and I think they should have their sales reps popping into stores checking to see if the sets are set up correctly, avoiding mishaps like the kick pad halfway across the room, etc. If you aren't on the salesperson's toes all the time they'll do whatever they want, especially the large chains. (Anyone else notice that Sam Ash seems to drain the life force from their employees? It's like return of the living dead in there...)
              I was able to try out the DTXtreme with mesh heads and the waffle pad underneath. it cuts down stick noise a lot, but the pads are still slightly louder than the Roland pads, the kick pad is a lot louder than the KD-7 trigger, which I think may be a problem for the apartment-dwellers. I'm still wrestling with buying the DTXtreme brain.
              As for the redesign, I think there may be some truth to that. When the DTXtreme was introduced Roland's V-Cymbals weren't even a wet dream on this very board here, they're probably hard at work to produce something that can hold a candle to the V-Cyms. The brain is good, the drum pads are good, and the rack is good, but the major flaw of the system is the Hihat section, which stinks. The HH80 tower can be improved, but the cheaper DTXpress hihat pedal still blows it out the water. That's kind of embarassing, IMHO.

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                Mikster, buy a V-Pro set at $2799 plus or minus if you want to spend less than 3 grand. I think buying a V-Pro with the TDW-1 card is a better buy than the DTXtreme.

                As I said before.....played it....hated it! To be honest, there wasn't one thing I liked about it. The price should be around $1500.
                Sorry if I sound harsh but that's the way I feel.


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                  There were reasons and things I didn't like about the VPros before that made me not buy.
                  I still stand by those reasons now. A new V pro at $2800 plus an expansion card at $300
                  adds up to $3100 and then,as I recall from everyones complaints, Roland cheaped out on the rack on the Pros. There are other things.
                  Personally I dislike Roland as a company.
                  Any company that will make every attempt to squeeze every last dime out of their customers (eg. look at what you just paid for the VSession !) I try to avoid, if possible.

                  It will be fun to see how far Roland will
                  chase Yamaha down the price scale. Actually
                  I think Roland made a mistake by trying to
                  make a kill on the Xtreme. It's only going
                  to disappear and come back in a new and
                  improved form, hopefully one which can
                  better compete. They should have just let
                  it flounder for several years before those
                  dopes at Yamaha figured things out for
                  All animosities aside ( against Roland that is ) I still like the Xtreme module better than the Roland module.

                  When the price drops to $1500 throw me a life
                  preserver 'cause it will be man overboard !


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                    Should the price drop to $1500 I'm buying two. Hey, for that price

                    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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                      Fairly normal thing for Yamaha to have a full-page ad for the DTXtreme when it was reviewed in the same issue.

                      EVERY Company does that, same with Drummer interviews(Vic Firth etc.)

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                        Yamaha was not reviewed in the current August
                        issue of MD. I believe it was 2 months ago that the Xtremes were reviewed. Even then they didn't have a full page ad, which is really odd. Now, when it seems like the Xteme is dying, when the price goes way down, when it seems, at least to me, that the end may be near, do we see the full ad.
                        Mick, I told you, I'm waiting for you to buy one of these things and then report back. Step up and be a trailblazer, will ya. For
                        cryin' out loud Mick the darn thing is now less than $2500! Go for it dude. Don't make me be the first.


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                          The review was in the June issue and they did run a full page add that issue on page 35.


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                            I stand corrected.