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I have 1 AUX jack left...

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  • I have 1 AUX jack left...

    What's the best pad to buy to add strictly to be used for percussion? I have the TD-10 and would prefer something where I could assign 2 different sounds. Is it my understanding that the Yamaha BP-80 needs 2 open jacks to work? If thats the case, what can I use? I currently use a PD-9, but it's not the easiest thing to use when using the rim as a second sound option.

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    Originally posted by Tully:
    What's the best pad to buy to add strictly to be used for percussion
    This is pretty subjective. Any dual zone pad would work. I would go by where you want to place it and the type of response (feel) you want. If you are looking at price, there are some very inexpensive options. I am thinking about adding a pad for percussion sounds too, and am leaning towards placing it inside the toms about the kick trigger (like where a cowbell, etc. might be found on an acoustic set). I'm considering a dual zone dingbat pad because I want it to feel more like a cowbell or other (non-head) percussion instrument. These can be picked up relatively inexpensively although I haven't fully researched the cost of a mount to put it where I want it to go.


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      Thank you Dr.

      But, does a dual zone dingbat pad require 2 jacks or one? I too am leaning towards a bar more than a pad...