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Reality check

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  • Reality check

    I thought I was getting pretty good on the v's. Practicing every day. But then, if you have nothing/no-one to compare yourself to it's easy to think that...

    Yesterday I went to see a V-drum presentation by Michael Schack. (Though I'd never heard his name before) Damn he's good! That'll keep me grounded for the next couple of months.

    So, for all you Dutch drummers (Putt, MPCman...) out there: on June 27th he'll do another presentation at Feedback Utrecht at 20:00 hrs. Although it's mainly a Roland sales talk, it's highly recommended!


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    is every one over there (tulip land) named Rob?


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      Originally posted by cpgrossman:
      is every one over there (tulip land) named Rob?
      No, but the most common spoken word is "Godverdomme".
      Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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        Originally posted by ufotofu:
        No, but the most common spoken word is "Godverdomme".
        which is the same as Rob ...


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          Thanks for mentioning Rob,

          maybe we could go there, as well as Rob, so you and I could meet Rob and Rob could meet Rob as well. After the clinic we could Rob a bank or something, so that Rob and Rob will be Robbers too.

          To be serious; next year I'll have an OV card, so until then I'd rather stay home and wait until I can go to these clinics for free.. I still wanna buy a ddrum padset and .. and ....
          Music was my first love...