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In ear monitors

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  • In ear monitors

    After a search, I came up with only one posted question from last year, which wasn't answered.
    Those of you who are using in ear monitors, which brands/models have served you best for V-drums? I need to be able to hear sequenced tracks and start protecting my hearing (better late than never)!

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    I use the Shure PSM600 hardwired version.
    I am using the E1 earpieces from shure the ones they send with them. Shure has sent me some prototype earpieces to try that have a better strain relief on them so they don't short out as bad. The keyboard play I am with uses the E5 earpieces they have daul drivers in the so the frequency response on the top and low end is alittle better but they cost about $350 just for the earbuds. I like the shure units they are dependable and they stand behind there product if you get a Aurua sound bass kicker to go with the inear system the really feel good also. They call it a bass shaker Modern drummer did a reveiw on them about a year or so ago it mounts to your drum stool post and shakes when you kick the kick drum. I don't have one but have used one they are alittle bulky for me I use eletronic and acoustic drum depending on the venue and stage volume. If you need to hear good inear is the way to go but you need to be able to read lips or stick to the setlist because communication is limited especially if every one in the band uses them. I always have a monitor tech with me so I am not sure how they work without seperate monitor mixes for everybody. I have my own mix with limiters on it but the shure has a built in limiter also which is a must incase of feedback ( that will hurt bad) trust me !!!!
    Hope this helps let me know if you need more info I use the live and in the studio till my ears start hurting then I go to cans.(Headphones)It is the best way to protect your hearing and the best thing I have did for my playing you hear things you have never heard before. ( good and bad)

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      "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"