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Captain Fantastic !!! Attention Feefer

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  • Captain Fantastic !!! Attention Feefer

    I was looking thru the August edition of MD
    and I came across a 2 page article on pgs 22
    and 23 that rang a bell. On checking back in
    the "general" thread I found it was you who
    mentioned the featured artist as one of your
    early idols ( "most embarrassing early drum
    influences" )
    Nigel Olsson !!!!!
    There he is with Liberty DeVitto.
    He lives !!!!
    You shouldn't be too embarrassed though.
    Those were magical songs and he was the drummer in command. Like he said in the article he knew how to lay back on those songs which, as you know, can be difficult to do.
    I mean what the heck, you had to be really good to be playing in Elton John's band at the time and Liberty DeVitto, who's no slouch, was patterning himself after Nigel and still holds him in high esteem.
    The crowds love him also.
    Just for the record, the best concert I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty, was the Elton John Captain Fantastic tour at Madison Square Garden at the height of E.J.'s popularity. It was a magical concert and Ray Cooper, playing every type of percussion instrument imaginable (including drums ) with incredible gusto and showmansip was truly inspirational.
    Don't be ashamed.
    Stand up and be counted.

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    No other than Axl Rose (anyone remember him?) once said that he writes every song with the idea that Nigel Olsson might one day play drums on it...
    I always thought Nigel was the best part of anything Elton.

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      Who's Axl Rose?
      Music was my first love...


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        Some old sod with a screechy voice

        "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"