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Sample Uploading to V-drums?! Eh?

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  • Sample Uploading to V-drums?! Eh?

    Excuse me, but I'm a newbie to this board, gonna get my V-drums on Tuesday 19th June -- My birthday!! (Sorry, gotta tell the world, even if they don't give a hoot!) ^_______^

    I'm getting a V-concert kit with PD-120 and V-cymbals (don't know which ones yet).

    I've heard a lot of talk about sample uploading. What is it, and can you do it with the V-drums? How quick is it? How much memory does the V-drum unit have for user samples? Is the memory capacity upgradeable? Aaaaaagh! etc. etc. etc.

    Please? Some help here for an inexperienced soon-to-be V-drummer?

    Someone pleeeeeeeeeeze give me the lowdown!

    *ahem* OK. I'm leaving now...

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    Ah, the sample download question again. Putt, if you please........

    P.S.: Make sure you tell him about MPCman's Terry Bozzio samples ......

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      Can't do it with Roland V's, can with the Clavia's ddrum.



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        You need one of the following, Ddrum (slow), a sampler (any), a sample playback synthesizer (OK for drums, better for keyboards:see sampler) a Forat F16 (old). My advice is a drum module, much easier than any sampler, they generally give you enough options to cover just about any style. There's more than just the sounds, there's also playability, don't obssess about the sounds, they're all 16 bit or equivalent and they all sound very good. If you've ever played 8 or 12 bit machines, you'd know what I'm talking about, trust me.
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