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Logistix homepage

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  • Logistix homepage

    first of all,hi there!

    i just became a vdrummer and this is my first post on this forum.
    my request:

    i recently found the logistix homepage and wonder if the fee they charge to get the membership is worth it, especially for the project instructions.

    if you've seen it, pls tell me your opinion.



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    I have a friend that paid the double saw buck and joined . He has bought a Pearl kit and converted it. If that's your thing it's probably worth it. There is probably lots of good info on there , I think it's more on a tech-i forum. All I have to say is when I gave him one of my remo practice pads to convert , I was blown away how sensitive it was ,more so than my rubber Pd'7-9's. It's all up to you .

    Have fun!