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Do it yourself Electronic drums website

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  • Do it yourself Electronic drums website

    I have been playing with a new website. I'd like to hear what you guys think. I am far from done. I have a lot more pictures coming. Maybe even a couple of videos. Thanks to Beatnik for allowing me to use his trigger mounting system. My pad isn't built that way, but I will build them like that in the future. Anyway, check it out...


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    Just what I've been looking for. Thanks man.


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      testing... I know I saw 2 replies and now there is only one. This thing is wierd!


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        Originally posted by animal:
        "My" Do it yourself Electronic drums website
        Animal - I suppose everyone is entitled to have their own website. I should probably keep my mouth shut and let Beatnik speak for himself, but your site looks like a rehash of Beatnik's work and DIY website. What new info are you contributing - may I ask?
        Beatnik's cool pages and DIY drum site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DIYedrums http://members.aol.com/acoustictrigg...edtrigger.html http://members.aol.com/acoustictrigg...ictrigger.html http://members.aol.com/btnkbndt/trigger.html


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          anyway, I saw the post that was here. To the author of that post... I never claimed that the pads on my site were my design. I have examples of mesh headed toms and all the related materials it takes to build them. I excluded the names of the manufacturers for legal reasons. The page is not a "build a v-drum" or "build a pintech" page. All I am doing is presenting the method I used to build a similar drum so others might do the same. How hard would be to do a tutorial on making orange juice without mentioning oranges or taking a picture of one? Take the page for what it is: How to information for hobbyists like many of the people here. I love building things and I wanted to share my success.


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            Yes. I noticed that too. Lots of people on this site write, and then delete their stuff.


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              What is wrong with you people? I gave beatnik credit along with asking his permission. Show me a site that shows you how to build a mesh headed tom in the detail that I have. I have shown you how to cut the shell, make your own covering material, shown you where to get hardware to match Roland's. I have provided exact instructions that I myself screwed up several times on my first attempt of building this drum. I wanted to help others not to make the same mistakes that I did. I do not see anywhere on Beatnik's site anything about making shells and covering material. I think everyone needs to thake their time and see my site for what is is. Keep in mind, also that I am not finished. There is a lot of stuff you don't realize that I have done. For example, go to the building pages. PRint one and you will see it print on one sheet of paper. I didn't just stick somebody elses work on a background and call it mine. There has been a lot of time and a lot of thought put into this. Give me a little credit.


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                Thanks for the information.
                The more and more that I surf the web I realise that ANYONE who takes the time to put up even the most basic web page for my viewing pleasure has done far more than I have done, and I give thanks.

                Nice drums by the way.


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                  I will never cease to be amazed...

                  Where do you folks find the time to make your own e-drums???


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                    well, this sucks... 1 day after I announce the page, Homestead is changing their plans. I will have to move the site. I will post here the new address after I move it.


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                      You might consider moving it to Roland's web site, where the rest of their pictures belong. Usually it is customary to show a picture of YOUR product as an example, not your competition's...

                      Your product:


                      Roland's product:



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                        Cool car!

                        Here's a picture of my wife:

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                          You guys crack me up! Nearly pissed myself laughing.
                          Here is my band:

                          [This message has been edited by Steveo the Devo (edited June 13, 2001).]

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                            Mick Wade,

                            You Lucky S.O.B. !!!


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                              I don't know, I think if someone wants to put up a site with DIY stuff, then let them.

                              DIY stuff is all going to be similar in nature, because you're making the same thing, using the same parts, and trying to achieve the same thing.

                              I think it's better than having to pay some site like logiztiks to be able to share information on making your own stuff. I'd prefer it if the admins here would add a DIY forum so we could all get our sh|t together and all be happy and share whatever info we can.

                              Maybe one person does it one way, maybe someone else does it another. As long as we all continue to share, and noone steps on someone else's toes, I say f*ck all those snooty Logiztics people and we'll have our own forum.

                              So guru comes in here and snubs animals site, because guru's a Logiztiks member. Who cares. Show me one post where he has something to say that's not condescending. I say good work animal, and the more people who want to post DIY stuff, the better.

                              I wrote instructions on how to make your own switch to change your hihat from open to close a while back. It took me a while, and a lot of testing, but I posted the PDF file on how to make it and everything....
                              Turns out almost similar plans (and in some ways, better) already existed on the website of someone here.
                              The plans differed a little, but noone got mad that two people were posting similar plans.

                              I think it's all about sharing knowledge and information.

                              And hey....if it happens to be Rolands plans that we're sharing.....so be it...