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  • New User + Intro ?

    Hello everyone! I just joined this list because I just bought a new V Session kit with the V Cymbals (with the upgraded TDW-1) last week. So far I am very impressed with the overall setup and ease of use. I was playing a Roland Stage Set previously.

    My first questions to anyone who would be kind enough to respond are:

    Is there a way to create a brand new drum kit without modifying a preset kit? I've tried changing instruments on preset kits but then all the settings (ambience, eq, Control Room stuff and Studio stuff) are still set for the original preset kit and don't really work with my new selections. At this point, it seems I just have to take a preset kit and go turn everything off and create some sort of "basic" kit to begin with. Any suggestions and/ot shortcuts to really getting me on my way to creating my own customized set? I feel overwhelmed by all the choices of how to alter the sounds.


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    Originally posted by Raptor:
    Hello everyone! I just joined ...

    Welcome aboard Scott.

    Is there a way to create a brand new drum kit without modifying a preset kit?

    Not that I'm aware of. However, my system does not have the wave card. Every kit that I've created started as a preset and was tweaked to taste.



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      Just edit away at a kit. You can always copy the factory preset back at any time.

      Ted H.
      Ted H.