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Need some help please...

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  • Need some help please...

    I just purchased a Pintech CS/8 se-st kit and a TD-8. I have set it up and been playing with it to get it set just right. I followed the suggestions that came from Pintech for setting up each pad. I am having a bit of trouble fine tuning the snare and kick drums. Sometimes the snare won't register a sound when I hit it. It only happens when I am playing hard. I have tried to play with the sensitivity, threshold, and the like with no difference. With the kick drum I am using a double bass pedal. It has no trouble registering my main kick pedal(right foot) but many times it will not pick up the left pedal. I have also tried playing with the settings with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having so much fun with the set you cannot believe it(or maybe you can). Sorry for the long post...Brad
    TD-8, Hart Acusnare, Pintech Concertcast toms, Gibraltar rack

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    bp- I have Pintech pads with a TD-10 and found that I had to lower the Xtalk severely on snare and kick, but also some slight threshold and RetrigCancel lowering on most pads to avoid some skips when there was a LOT of playing activity. The Pintech suggested settings were pretty worhless. I called all my pads by their Roland equivalents - PD120 positional, PD100 etc. Not sure if this will be similar to TD-8, but let me know if this helps. Howard