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V-drum virtuoso.

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  • V-drum virtuoso.

    Someone said name 1 so:

    PAT MASTELOTTO. King Crimson.
    XenoWolfe, Musician

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    I agree. http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/000655.html

    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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      No objections there.

      "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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        saw crimso 10-30,31 11-1 parkwest chicago WOW And adrian with his handsonic!!!!


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          I bought my v-drums because of Pat, Adrian, The Projeckts, and The Big KC!


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            Haven't really checked Pat out ,other than the Newest King Crimson if you can call it that. It's not Crimson without Bruford.



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              Oh no!!! Redman....
              Glad your happy with what ya like!
              For the record Brufords my fav. perc. master.

              But if you play E-drums (esp. V'S) then you owe it to yourself to check KC's latest lineup out!!!!
              I dont fell bad cause man, your the one missing out!!!!Pats a BEAST!!!!!
              TD8, SPD-20, Handsonic
              Pintech Silentech pads x4
              Pintech Mesh kick
              Studio elite pads x3
              Roland CY-6 X2
              NI Battery, Behringer KX-1200


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                Roland Users Group Maganize Spring 2001 issue has great article featuring Pat. Was very informative, and I even learned a few more things about my TD-10. Oh the the 'no' Buford thing was very well discussed. Well worth the read.
                Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                  Turns out I have heard Pat's work...he's been playing with Trey Gunn also. Checked Pat's site out and downloaded a couple of tunes..pritty cool. If nobody here has checked out Trey Gunn go to this link http://www.treygunn.com/sound/index.html and download ...The Joy of...and Sozzle ...good tunes, good drumming ,and percussion. I see Pat even plays on one of his older albums but not the one I have .Pat may be good but I still miss the King Crimson with Bruford.



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                    pat mastelotto truly is an edrum genius. y'all have to check out ProjeKct 4, insane, insane! this guy is triggering pre-programmed d&b loops during live improvs, and playing over them with sick HEAVY drum sounds.

                    this guy brings drumming to a new level.


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                      what about P3, what about crimson touring with tool this summer? BILLY BURF IS NOT IN CRIMSON ANY MORE GET OVER IT!!!!


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                        ......or as fripp would say "please move on"