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They're Giving Me a Radio Show/Sacred Baboons Show

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  • They're Giving Me a Radio Show/Sacred Baboons Show

    Got a radio slot on Tuesday mornings, 7:30 to 10:00 AM (Central Time)89.3 FM WNUR, the Northwestern University Radio station (North Chicago, IL area). Tune in if you're around. I start next week, and I should continue at least throughout the summer semester, if not longer. ***See BONUS below.

    Located in the Netherlands, England or Southern California? No excuse not to listen. Go to www.wnur.org for a direct link and you can listen to the live webcast. I'd love to give you directions but I've never done it myself...no sound card in the office computer.

    I am one of the jazz/'creative improvised music' DJ's. Yes, 'creative improvised music'. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Actually don't be put off. It would not be unusual to hear Fletcher Henderson, Eric Dolphy, Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton, Jelly Roll Morton, or Max Roach in a single hour.

    Personally I'll be trying to fit in more electronic-experimental crossovers, 20's-era hot music, and world-music crossovers along with the usual fare. Big job for no pay. And of course a lot of drummers that many if not most of you never heard of, and should at least hear once.

    Next Tuesday stay tuned for a performance by Vdrums.com's Clay Grossman in his band Sacred Baboons, around 11:00 Central Time. If you live in the area, he's got some live shows coming up, too. They are wild.

    I may do some drummer-related features (like an hour of Jim Black's music, who you all should hear) so I'll post announcements if y'all are interested.