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Building the Ultimate Kit

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    Are you working with the PC? You can download a midi sample dump utility for the ddrum4 from Clavia's website. You can also use that program to listen to the ddrum4 megakit sounds on your computer.

    Good luck
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      It is easy if you have a joy stick port on your pc and midi in an out on you sound card you just download the ddrum tool from the ddrum web page and it does the rest. Or just call Armadillo and they can tell you. You will need a midi in & out cable to hook to your PC joy stick port( $25 at radio shack). Don't sweat it. I thought the same thing ,I have no way of downloading sound but my tech show me how ,its easy.

      Originally posted by Omegatopher:
      Thanks. I'm going to try the TD-10 for a while then buy the ddrum module. Prolly keep 'em both. I'm buying:

      V-Concert series (purple)-- $3,395
      Expansion board--300
      120 upright kick--425
      and he's refunding me the kick and hi-hat that comes with the concert series

      I still keep the 3 cymbal pads to trigger China, effects, etc...

      One thing about ddrum brain--I have no midi sequencer to load the downloaded new sounds into the brain--and I have no experience working w/ midi. Any way around this?

      p.s. I have a boatload of digital effects for the ddrums. compressors, expanders, reverbs, delays, etc.. all Waves.com stuff, too. not a problem.


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        Originally posted by feefer:
        (Btnk, pain radiating down the back of your leg sounds more like an issue of nerve injury/pressure in the hip or butt, i.e. a pinched sciatic nerve).

        I think you hit the nail on the head, Szook: a lack of BALANCED physical activity is a major cause of back pain in our society. I know my back and limbs start to really bother me if I fail to workout with weights or jog/cycle on a regular basis. I backed off over the past few years, but the twinges and pains have spurred me on to start up again.
        Welcome to the bad back club. I know too well the sciatica problem. Spent several months in therapy (which I think is mostly a waste of time for this problem). Antiinflammatorys and ice works well. Pain is a way of life for me. Keeping fit will help you drum better as well as help deter these problems. At the slightest hint of wrist pain, I look at habits and technique and correct them. I would hate to experience with my wrists what I have with my back. There is some good advice in some of these posts.
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          Originally posted by DJourg:
          I say to-may-to, you say to-mah-to....

          From the previous posts it seemed Omegastopheles' choice of a DTXtreme module was somewhat arbitrary. The module choice should not be lightly made.

          **I actually thought that many of the electronic and ethnic sounds were superior to Roland. But not the acoustic kit-type stuff, which is what Omegacopter was most concerned with.

          HEHEHAHAHOOHOO! Has anyone else noticed what an articulate and funny Ninkumpoop DJourg is?! Just like our buddy Boingster!! HEHEHAHAHOOHOO! Omegastopheles! HA! Omegacopter! HA! You makea me laugh !

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