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Building the Ultimate Kit

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      Okay, lets have a count for the "Holyer Than Thou" Professionals Only edrum users page Will there be a special members only password or maybe a knock?


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        Your getting all to serious szvook ,whatever happened to the fun factor,sure I know my set-up with a td-10exp isn't perfect and I can live with that , I got into e-drums to be able to play again without volume and have fun, do you remember how to have fun or are you to tied up being professional. Not trying to piss you off ,you seem to have a lot to offer here if I remember some of your previous posts but that "HOLYER THAN THOU" thing has got to go.

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            Hey Svook.
            I don't get it.
            If there's a topic that puts you to sleep why
            can't you just pass it by ?
            Certainly you can't expect to be involved in
            every conversation.
            When the experts are involved in a technical
            give and take I just sit back and watch or,
            if it gets too involved, I just simply go
            Personally, probably like most "amateurs",
            (actually I've been playing and, more
            importantly, listening long enough that
            I cringe a little at the title of "amateur"
            though I'll accept it, especially in
            relationship to E drums. I just turned 46
            and I started playing when I was 10) I'll
            read 100-200 posts before I come across
            one that I feel I have to respond to. Even
            then I do so with some trepidation knowing
            that I might be hung out to dry by those
            really in the know. But, if I feel
            strongly enough, I just take a deep breath
            and hit reply and take whatever might be
            coming my way, good or bad.
            Actually, on this particular thread I
            reminded all of my standing and I thought
            I made it easier for you, or anyone, to
            pass by my post if you so chose.
            You're getting tired, I'm sure, of this lecture.
            Enjoy life.
            Enjoy drums.
            Enjoy one another.
            We're only going to be here a short time.
            And don't call me Junior


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              E-drums are a relatively new thing, (compared to acoustics), and the technology is changing rapidly, so basically everyone is an amateur in that respect..

              For the real professionals that use e-drums, they have an unlimited budget and handfuls of techs at their disposal, so you can't really compare them to most of the posters on this board and most people that tinker with e-drums in general..


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                  Originally posted by Omegatopher:
                  I read about you guys using different brand cymbals w/ different kits, etc.. but what would you do if you had 6K to spend today? thanx in advance
                  HA - that's an easy one - A roadie!!! I'm getting too old for all this gear, even if it is half the weight as my acoustics!!!

                  Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                    thanks for the tips and tangents so far peeps.
                    RE: my choice of the purple V-drums, I just like the purple color of the set better. I don't like the Yamamha's look. It's not important sonically but you want to like your kits looks, ya know? It'll be like a piece of furniture around the apt.. I'm going to see if midwest can sell me a puple session kit. If not I'll just have to buy the ****e separately like I outlined above

                    I liked the feel of the mesh heads...nice and super quiet, too. I'll check out a few brains a make a choice.

                    Hey, who makes that turbo drumkat thing,, EMU I thought, but nothing on their site.



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                      Originally posted by TomLandin:
                      HA - that's an easy one - A roadie!!! I'm getting too old for all this gear, even if it is half the weight as my acoustics!!!

                      I know what you mean. Reading of svooks back problems and having my own now going on two months (hip to calf pains....ouch!). By all means guys and gals, wear back supports and lift correctly, you don't want to roll/slide/crawl/cry your way outta bed to your knees like this old farts done every morn for the past few months do ya?

                      By the way, hows the back svook? I feel your pain . Can really make a person a bit on the sour side. I'd kick myself in the @ss if I could.

                      Sorry for the off topic stuff, but I feel this is a very important subject we tend to overlook.....until it hits.


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                          Omegatopher> don't forget that you can put mesh heads on the ddrum4 pads too.

                          O and make sure that you keep some budget for isolating the drumset from the floor. There have been lots of topics about that the kick drum pad is very noisy. This might be an issue if you're living in a appartement.

                          As I typed my previous post, I hadn't read what the purpose of this topic was. If I were you I'd buy the following kit;
                          - A ddrum4 kit with mesh heads and an extra cymbal pad.
                          - Some people complain about the quality of the hardware, so you could buy a Gibraltar rack or so.
                          - DW twin pedal
                          Don't think this is going to cost you $5000 or $6000!! But it's a good kit
                          Music was my first love...


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                              Omega I have a ddrum 4 and a DTX yamaha and the Vdrum TD 10 -TDW 1 I use on the road and live. The ddrum smokes the Roland as far as sounds (real sounds) they are all dry no effects. I just downloaded Kenny Arnoffs kit last week. Th e signature kits are the way to go they just use up allot of your memory. They just posted Dennis Chamber kit you can go the the ddrum web page and download a ddrum tool and listen to the sound if you want to for free before you buy.I like the Vdrum because of the internal effects for smaller jobs without a FOH Tech I can control my sound.If you want separation for recording don't buy the TD 8 it has 2 outs the td 10 has 4 stereo counting the master out the ddrum has 6 with no bleed over I have some bleed over with the Vdrum . My advice is get the ddrum4 but the only thing about that unit is there is no Xtalk feature you have to use the threshold to stop double triggering and that lowers you sample quality (sound) that is my only complaint with it. If you will be using all pads there is no problem but add a real snare and you might get false triggering at a low threshold setting. Well hope this helps, by the way I have way more than 6k in drums I have 6k in road cases( good tax writeoffs) but I have made a good living at it so don't feel bad about the money buy good gear first and you want regret it, you are only as good as your gear.


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                                Thanks. I'm going to try the TD-10 for a while then buy the ddrum module. Prolly keep 'em both. I'm buying:

                                V-Concert series (purple)-- $3,395
                                Expansion board--300
                                120 upright kick--425
                                and he's refunding me the kick and hi-hat that comes with the concert series

                                I still keep the 3 cymbal pads to trigger China, effects, etc...

                                One thing about ddrum brain--I have no midi sequencer to load the downloaded new sounds into the brain--and I have no experience working w/ midi. Any way around this?

                                p.s. I have a boatload of digital effects for the ddrums. compressors, expanders, reverbs, delays, etc.. all Waves.com stuff, too. not a problem.