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Building the Ultimate Kit

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  • Building the Ultimate Kit

    I read about you guys using different brand cymbals w/ different kits, etc.. but what would you do if you had 6K to spend today? thanx in advance

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    I would go to Europe on a vacation



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      $6,000 huh?

      Buy a Roland V-session, Iron Cobra double pedal, Roc n' Soc throne and a new Roland KC1000 amplifier. Sorry $6,000 doesn't buy what it used to.


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        Is this just a theoretical or have you actually got $6000 to spend on a V-Drum setup?


        TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, PM-3, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer
        TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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          I really have about 17K to spend but I wanted to keep it down around 5-6K.

          I was thinking about the Yamaha Extreme with Roland mesh pads added, V-cymbals. Someone said the brain was better but the hi-hat sucks.

          I don't need an amp. I'm not even a drummer. It's for other drummers to come and play on the songs I write. It's more for recording in an apt. where noise is a huge issue.

          --And I'm doing Europe in September while it's still warm and the tourists are gone.


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            I would buy a ddrum or dtxetreme if you are going to have drummers that are used to playing acoustics and want to use acoustic sounds. plus both of these modules allow you to upload your own sounds.


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              Birthday came and went.
              Still an acoustic drummer.
              The mother ship left without me again.
              Still, I'd like to advise.
              Take it with a grain of salt of course ----
              --- given the source.

              If I was willing to spend $6,000.00 ----

              1) DSTX10 That is, the 3 tom Xtreme set
              ( 2 10" and 1 12" )
              I would then add another 12"
              That would cost $3,000
              2) Vdrum mesh heads to all drums
              Cost about $120

              3) Drumkat Turbo placed off to the left
              Cost about $1200

              So far, this would give you 25 inputs
              You'll never want for inputs
              The DrumKat Turbo will allow you to do things you never dreamed of.

              4) Add a full set of V cymbals
              Cost ---- I guess around $1,100

              There you go.
              What's that cost --- about $5,420
              That would be awesome.
              You could even then throw in the PM3 if you didn't have any PA equipment and come in right around the 6K mark.

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                You may well already have this stuff, but something that's very important for V-Drums (certainly Roland, don't know about Yamaha) is some decent outboard. Think about a compressor and an expander (sounds stupid to need both these together!!) and a reverb if you need it. Also some decent quality amps/speakers (not necessarily LOUD, just Hi-Fi) or headphones to play them through.


                TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, PM-3, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer
                TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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                  My dream set up so far. Gabraltar rack, 11 cymbals various, 2 x 14" high hats, 2 x 16" floor toms, 2 x 12" toms, 10" pintec, and 12" dual zone snare, 2 x 22" kick drums with DW 5000 pedals. Alesis D-5, Dm Pro = total of 24 imputs, 10 outputs, with thousands of samples. Behringer 2200 exciter, Alesis quad verb 2 effects, Alesis stereo EQ, 10 channel mackie mixer, 200watt Crate power amp rack mountable, 2 x 12" punch monitors, Fostex V-16 recorder. All this stuff all fits into a rack. I've got most of the stuff. I got a lot of help with my building project thanks to this forum, and appreciate you guys for the help with pads/drums ideas.


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                    If money was not an issue I'd probably buying the following kit;

                    - Ddrum4 brain
                    - Carbonlite rack or Pearl ICON rack
                    - 4 Ddrum toms pads
                    - 2 snare pads, or one snare pad and one good acoustic snare drum(with ddrum trigger and Shure Beta 56 mic), a Pearl MMX or Chad Smith signature or so..
                    - a 22" acoustic bass with twin pedal and a 16" bassdrum to be played with my left foot. (both triggered and miked up)
                    - Ddrum Cymbal pad
                    - Roland SPD-20
                    - one Roland PD-120, one PD80R and one KD-7 with remote pedal played by my right foot.
                    - Yamaha BP-80 or something alike, for connecting to the SPD-20
                    - Paiste 14", 16", 15" and 17" Crashes (from left to right)
                    - Paiste 14" and 20" China's
                    - Paiste 8", 10" and 12" splashes, or two normal splashes and one china splash.
                    - Paiste 14" hihat, maybe a remote 12" hihat too.
                    - Paiste 22" ride
                    - AKG overhead and hihat mics
                    - Spirit SX mixer, or a Allen & Heath or Mackie 1604 vlz.
                    - TC Electronic M-One effects
                    - DBX compressor
                    - 2 Mackie SRM-450's and the sub.

                    Dream on Pieter!
                    I don't even wanna know how much this would cost..
                    Music was my first love...


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                      these responses r mainly to do with advice for this guy so my bit of advice is get ddrums cause they sounds realistic (havent heard dtxtreme wonder wat there like?)
                      but however i would like to share my dream aucoustic drumkit ( i have no income so i guess this'll be a while till i buy this ) *drumroll please

                      *sleishman handmade custom drumkit (australia) in this really neat bright orange you can get with
                      piccolo snare and a 14 for jazz stuf
                      18 bass
                      8,10,12 mounted toms
                      14,16 toms
                      *dw double pedals
                      *sabian hand hammered "13 hats,
                      "20 ride, 14 crash (dont like crashes much),
                      "10 and 12" splash,
                      ziljian earth bell and one of those weird tiny disc thingys (dont know who makes em) and maybe a trash splash (dont know what they sound like though)
                      *a dw remote high hat so i can set myself up like bil bruford to experiment *if you havent seen his kit set up you should!
                      *no rack *dont like em, clutter just mount toms off cymbal stands
                      *vdrum pad and brain for weird sounds (place on the left side of kit)
                      *oh and a persian rug



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                        Okay, I might buy all this **** separately; check it out (all prices from midwestpercussion.com):

                        4 Roland purple concert toms (2x10", 2x12")=$1500

                        Purple upright kick= $425

                        V Cymbals (2 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat) =$1100

                        Yamaha Extreme Module=$895

                        Rack and trigger cables= not sure yet..$300-500? okay, say 500.

                        Bass drum pedal and throne $200


                        Am I missing anything here? Oh, yeah.. the snare!!!

                        The hi-hat and ride will only be 2 zone, right?

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                          The key to your set-up will be the brain. It would do well to test out some modules before you buy, or, better yet, have your drummer (drummers?) try out some modules and see what they think. In particular, the Yamaha DTXtreme has elicited some criticism regarding its terrible reproduction of acoustic drum sounds. Ddrum seems to get the best raves for acoustic drum sounds, and many people have problem with Rolands TD's but most agree that the sounds are good-to-average. Yamaha's, in mine and many others' opinion, are below average indeed.

                          Of course with all that dinero you can afford multiple modules...get both the newest Ddrum and the TD-10xp. Try them both awhile; keep the one you like best and sell the other on E-bay.

                          Oh, and don't forget to get really good headphones. May I suggest the AKG 240's.

                          Good luck. DJourg

                          [This message has been edited by DJourg (edited May 25, 2001).]


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                            Like I said.
                            A grain of salt if you will.
                            I don't remember sitting at the Xtreme and
                            thinking "wow, this is really poor
                            reproduction of acoustic drum sounds."
                            I thought they sounded really good. In
                            fact I thought they sounded better then
                            the V's. Certainly the pre-programmed sets
                            sound better on the Xtreme, IMHO, compared
                            to the V's. For cryin' out loud 3/4 of the
                            preprogrammed stuff on the V's could be
                            used to score a Looney Tunes cartoon.
                            What happens when you get them home and
                            get into them------ I don't know.
                            However, when you look at the amazing price differential between the Xtreme and V modules
                            to me it doesn't make any sense to go with
                            the V's. All you seem to get out of that is another zone on the V cymbals. So what. How many zones do you really need on a cymbal. As
                            more people consider buying the Xtremes and adding the V cymbals the price on the V Session will drop, for those who are interested. You mark my words.
                            Just curious. What's your reasoning for considering the purple V drum toms with the
                            Xtreme module. Just like the purple better?
                            Yamaha toms too bland for you. I think they're a bit too bland myself. I wrote to Yamaha to see if they could be customed stained like the Absolute series as had been posted by Mcconaghy on another thread. Of course they haven't gotten back to me. What else is new. They haven't gotten back to me on several inquiries. Hey Yamaha------
                            if you're out there (I know you're not though)---- you S.U.C.K. And I'm thinking of buying products from these people. I've gotta be nuts.


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                              I say to-may-to, you say to-mah-to....

                              Here we have it. Mikster prefers Yamaha's sounds to Rolands. I prefer Rolands to Yamahas**. A taste thing. Everyone has their preferences. I thought that the overall opinions on this site -- meaning those of us who have tested the Yamahas under admittedly limited circumstances (in a store, at NAMM, whatever) -- were very much weighed in the below-average category. But don't take my word for it: test it yourself.

                              From the previous posts it seemed Omegastopheles' choice of a DTXtreme module was somewhat arbitrary. The module choice should not be lightly made.

                              **I actually thought that many of the electronic and ethnic sounds were superior to Roland. But not the acoustic kit-type stuff, which is what Omegacopter was most concerned with.


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