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good price on a v-custom set

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  • good price on a v-custom set

    I have the opportunity to get a v-custom set for $2000. The kd-80 doesn't come with it, instead he has a DW electronic pedal. The snare pad has been upgraded to a pd-120. Is this a good price? I was wanting a v-session, but this looks like a way to get me drumming again for not much money. Please advise. The thing I like is that I can build mesh head 10 and 12" toms and sell the pd-80's on ebay.

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    How old is the set?


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      has only been played a few times...bought it for a theatre gig...people liked the acoustics better.


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        One thing to consider is the feel of the kick trigger. The DW trigger (I'm assuming it's an E1-P) is similar to Roland's KD-7 in that it uses an inverted beater. The KD-80 on the other hand, is an upright pad that has a mesh head and can accommodate a double pedal. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but you should try out both styles before making a decision. Also, DW discontinued making that pedal many years ago so I would assume that the one with this kit is at least 5 or 6 years old.

        Since you plan on building your own pads and selling the PD-80s, I'm wondering if you've compared the cost of this used set with one you put together piece by piece? You can get a new TD-8 for under $700 and depending on the cost of your homemade pads and other components you want (cymbal pads, rack), it may be cheaper and less of a hassle to piece together a kit.

        Roland TD-12, Pearl DRX-1 tom and snare pads, Roland PD-8 pads for cymbals, DW pedals and stands, Pearl and Gibraltar hardware


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          Hey animal;

          I'm considering building my own mesh pads. Not sure where to start. Any suggestions?



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            I have priced it to build... the biggest thing is getting the pd-120. I can make toms all day long, but the snare is the heart of the kit. Would much rather have the pd-120 and build toms as I get extra money here and there. It was going to cost over $3500 buying a rack, lugs, shells, heads, brain, cymbal pads, etc...

            DJourg, Buy you some old toms or shells in sizes 8", 10" or 12". You can cut the shells in half and get 2 drums from one tom. Example would be an 8"x12" tom cut in half to make 2 4"x12" floor toms. I got an 8"x12" off ebay for $40.

            Follow the instructions at http://members.aol.com/acoustictrigger/intro.html for building the triggers.

            buy you some mesh heads from a Roland dealer.

            Get some hardware to mount the drums.

            If you want to match the roland lugs, goto http://www.leecustom.com/drum.shells.htm and get the bravo lugs.

            You can cover the drums with contact paper or vinyl drum covering. I used 10 mil clear mylar sheets. I painted the inside and spray-glued the plastic to the shell. The mylar is facing out, so it forms a clear coat on the shell and protects the paint from scratching and chipping.


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              Sure to turn into a long-term project...I want to make some 8" mesh pads and put them in a multi-pad configuration....mount them on a wood plank or something. Anyway, I'll check into your suggestions. Thanks.



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                I am actually thinking about building some octobans if Jim can make 6" heads.


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                  That would be even better than 8. If he does, let us know.