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A Midi Question

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  • A Midi Question

    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if you can answer a question for me. I am triggering a Boss DR770 drum machine from my TD8 module using Midi and here is the problem. The sounds triggered through Midi are not as clear and lack the attack as compared to the same identical samples when you trigger them manually by hitting the little pads on the drum machine itself. I have checked the Midi volume setting and it is cranked all the way up to level 127. Believe me if I could get the attack that these little pads have then I would think they rival most of the samples in the TD8. The DR770 has three times the wave memory of most drum machines/modules and the sounds are crystal clear and you can actually hear the attack of the stick hitting a drum head only if you use the little pads on the machine itself, but it seems that as soon as I trigger them from Midi they lose that extra punch. Please has anybody have a remedy?
    Thanks, Bruce

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    hummm... Is their a layer feature that is adding the extra "punch" sound? Maybe it could have something to do with that.