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td-10 - questions and pricing?

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  • td-10 - questions and pricing?

    I searched on "cheapest" but couldn't find a pointer to the cheapest place to buy a TD-10 (JUST the TD-10, not the whole kit). I'm sure its out there, so perhaps someone has it bookmarked and could give me a pointer.

    Anyway, I have a TDE-7K right now and was considering replacing the TD-7 (which is somewhat on the blink) with a TD-10 with the expansion card, and getting a mesh pad to replace the PD-7 snare. As I understand it, the TD-10 with the TWD-1 is Rolands top of the line offering right now for a brain.

    Someone in the newsgroup suggested the TD-8 over the TD-10 claiming he had owned both and preferred the TD-8. I assume this is just his personal preference, but didn't know if this is a common preference (in which case, I need to do my homework on the TD-8). Thanks for any pointers and insights.

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    I have a roland TD-10 module that I am looking to sell. It is from a 2 week old V-Pro set that was only used for 1 studio recording. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]