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td-10 presets

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  • td-10 presets

    Hi all...

    I know one of the big arguments against the v-drums is that the presets suck. Some of them do. I have a question about one in particular.

    In the tdw-1, there is a kit called "Birch". I know that real birch drums are very popular...but do they really sound even remotely like this? This is the worst sound I can think of...Maybe it's just me or my style of playing, but I can't get this particular kit to do anything useful as far as response to my playing is concerned. It's not just the preset either...I can't use these "samples" in any kit and expect them to sound good.

    Does anyone like this kit? Does it sound even vaguely true to the real birch sound?

    Of course, I have plenty of kits that I like that are modified presets and even some of the built in ones are fine...but this one just bothers me.

    Just offered for discussion, I suppose.
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    To my ears it is close to a real Birch set. Roland has it "tuned" for an open sound with nice resonance with good overtones. Seems they added some snare buzz to the toms (as real drums will naturally do when the snare drum is effected by toms' sound pressure). i'd send you a few .wavs but my sound card is having a bad hair day this week :-( . If you already have a TD-10, i feel the addition of the TDW-1 is a good investment for more sounds, kits and other added flexibilities.

    Enjoy the music,

    Steven R. Rochlin http://www.EnjoyTheMusic.com
    Enjoy the music,

    Steven R. Rochlin


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      Yeah, I think the snare buzz is the problem. You can't turn it off. And that's a problem for me 'cause in real life we do our utmost best to muffle the unwanted snare rattling.

      Nevertheless: basically the TDW-1 sounds are better than the sounds who came with the unexpanded td-10.


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        This kit I use for be-bop jazz type stuff,if you play heavy rock type stuff ,I can understand why you dont like it.


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          Let me clarify:

          I already have the tdw-1...and I like it a lot (aniversary gift last year from the wife). My point was just to spawn some discussion and to get opinions of whether this is what a birch kit REALLY sounds like (at least in its essence).

          I play more "pop" than rock and basically no jazz of any kind. Maybe that's why I don't care for this sound. The toms are ok, but the snare sounds too "choked" and the kick just doesn't sound like any kick drum I'd like to own.

          Now, the bad toms TO ME are the "oyster" toms...what are these supposed to be? I like the "oldies" and "stage" toms when tweaked right.

          Putt: I actually like a lot of the toms sounds that have a bit of the snare rattle in them, makes it easier to imagine a whole kit together than if the toms are super-isolated, same way that I like to use some "room sound" on drums...gives an impression of them being in the same space. Reality says that no matter how hard you try, the toms almost always trigger the snares a little, as does the kick, which a lot of times, improves their sound to me. Turn off the snares on a real kit and hit the kick...sounds a bit too "round" usually. That little bit of "dirt" smooths it out a bit.

          I was just looking for discussion, really.

          BTW: my favorite current kit is a modification I've made to the "Top" kit...very "real" sounding and playable.

          My Updated Website: https://blades.technology