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Whats the best way to anchor the Hi-hat Pedal?

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  • Whats the best way to anchor the Hi-hat Pedal?

    Hi all, just got the V-Session Set and was wondering how to steady the hi-hat pedal? It bounces all over the place! Any suggestions?



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    I use a piece of carpet the whole kit sits on,and velcro strips on the bottom side of the pedal.works just fine.you can usually get remnants of carpet at a carpet store that will work with velcro,like I did,was 5.00



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      I had this problem when I first played the e drum and then again, when I changed from left handed/footed setup to right handed/footed setup and had to get used to it all over again.

      I don't anchor the bass trigger and hihat pedal, I just put something in front of it so it doesn't move forward. Earlier, with this setup, they still bounce around when I step on them using heel up, but after a while, my playing technique improves and they stay down on the floor.

      To prevent it from moving forward there are some good suggestions here to make floor boards, and I used to do it with a plywood board big enough to encompass the pedals, with pieces of wood nailed in the spots in front of the kick triggers and hihat pedals. To prevent the bouncings, it's just a matter of practise, but until then, you could stick some duct tape to hold it down(?)


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        FLOORBOARDS http://members.aol.com/btnkbndt/floorboards.html

        btnkbndt has a nice website with a floorboard on it as well
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          I got one of those large "industrial" door mats from the Home Depot for like $19. It has a rubber back and a very dense "carpet" on top. It is the perfect size for the whole v-pro rack to fit on and rolls up for easy transport. Nothing moves on this thing. The velcro on the bottom of the hi-hat pedal and especially the velcro on the bottom of the "dw5000" pedal hold EXTREMELY well. It's an effort to PULL the kick drum off the carpet.

          Hope that helps.
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