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wear and tear on pd's

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  • wear and tear on pd's

    Does anyone know how I would go about getting the blue pyramid sensors replaced on the pd 120s in the event that I beat the crap out of them and need to, or at what point they should be replaced (based on condition and appearance, and how do I know if I've tuned the pads too tightly?

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    Blue foamies are available from any Roland V Drum service centre. Ask you music store or call various music stores and ask if they can order it for you. The part number is 01234290.


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      since the topic on this is "wear and tear on PD's", I'll put in what I did to STOP wear and tear on my PD7's.

      I noticed my PD7's rubber surface wearing out, sort of like the rubber is coming out like your eraser, from the stick's "scratching" on it. Although my sticks are new, this is still evident. About 5 yrs ago, I used cloth and someone was kind enough to sew strings into them, which I could tie over the PD7's like a sock. After several years I removed the cloth and checked, no further wear and tear! Of course I remove the cloths when I do live stuff, because of obvious reasons, but this works! Try it!
      It will take a little getting used to as the surface will be more slippery than the original rubber surface.



      TD8 with PD7's, 2 KD7's (From previous TD7)
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        Originally posted by egar dnilb:
        Does anyone know how I would go about getting the blue pyramid sensors replaced on the pd 120s
        Call Roland (323) 890-3700 and they can ship to you directly. When you get them just peel off the old one and stick on the new one. I've replaced several of them.