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Alesis are dead

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  • Alesis are dead

    According to Harmony-Central, Alesis have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and are to be acquired by Numark. Here's the link: http://www.harmony-central.com/News/...hapter-11.html

    Sad to see them go. Let's hope Numark will continue some of the great products Alesis have and get the ball rolling again.

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    This is a transistion not a death, but sometimes chapter 11 may appear to be a worst case senerio. They are excited about the new product line, nothing mentioned about shutting down. They are continuing normal operations, transision,restructuring, and new products. Maybe you read it too fast Us drummers seem to do everything fast! It appears like good news than bad to me. I remember when everyone thought Chrysler was on the ropes in the 80's, but restructuring made them bigger and better. Glad you brought it up though, the article reads:
    Quoted "May 11, 2001 -- Alesis Studio Electronics announced it filed for Chapter 11-bankruptcy protection on Friday April 27, 2001. The filing was made in conjunction with an agreement in principle to be acquired by Jack O’Donnell, President of Numark Corporation. As part of this agreement Mr. O’Donnell has provided financial support for the company. An auction for the company will be held on May 23, 2001 in United States Bankruptcy Court, Courtroom 1475, 255 East Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012. For further information concerning this auction, interested parties should contact Alesis attorney Bennett Spiegel at Wynne, Spiegel, Itkin, 310-551-1015.
    Alesis plans to continue normal operations at the company during this protection period. Jim Mack, V.P. of sales and marketing, said, “We’re very excited about the agreement with Mr. O’Donnell and what it means for the future of Alesis and our newly introduced product line. While we’ve had to make certain reductions in our operation, we’re confident that in a very short time we will be back to doing what we do best – supplying the market with innovative, high-quality audio products that improve the way people make and record music.”

    The company announced that all customer service functions would remain operational during the short protection period. This includes tech support, service, sales, shipping and receiving, and parts. Jim Mack added, “We have maintained the core integrity of the company including the majority of the engineering staff, our manufacturing and sourcing team and our key sales and marketing staff. This will allow us to support most normal operations during this period and to ramp back up to full speed quickly once we’re through this transition. We are working to continue the supply of Alesis products and services and we are poised to begin shipping the remainder of the new products introduced at AES and NAMM.”

    On the heels of a bold new marketing campaign dubbed, "The Re-Evolution of Music," Alesis recently introduced fourteen new products within a six-month period. Among the new innovations is the groundbreaking trio of the A6 Andromeda 16 voice real analog synthesizer, the ADAT HD24 hard disk recorder and the ProLinear 820 Customizable DSP studio monitors."
    Sounds to me they are far from dead. More like a recovery from a divorce heh.

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      I wouldn't say that they're far from death, I've heard some word from some friends of mine (now ex-Alesis employees) that Numark is not intending to continue most of the Alesis line, some of the 19" equipment and the AirFX line will be continued, all studio equipment plus the Andromeda will be discontinued. I've also heard that Numark is moving onto financially very thin ice with this acquisition, so I'm not retracting any obituaries very soon, I may be premature, but I don't think by far.

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        We had a power amp from Alesis lately and it was absolutely crap. And since today many synths and modules already have a cheap effect processor built-in and we don't have to expect that much from Alesis' drum systems and keyboards, it's fine that they are dead. Sorry to be so


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          With the alesis drum modules, they should have made it more of a package deal, a complete system, pads etc. Alesis drum modules mated with the right pads are indeed a great unit. BUT: Roland did it right, came out with the TD-8 and TD-10 systems. Pads that play fantastically, new cymbals, great high hat stand, and the rack for everything to mount on. Heavy marketing, dealer incentives, clinics, demo's, great working modules, beautiful sounding drums, (though I prefer Alesis sounds). So rather than buy a module like the great D-5 and excellent DM Pro, (which I'm ordering this week those units sat by the curb, as the majority of E Drum sales went to Roland. Alesis should have gone into the E Drum world with both barrels blazing like Roland but they choose to sell modules, and weakly advertised systems with Hart pads. Funny thing is the Alesis modules plays every bit as good as a TD-10 with expansion card on Roland pads, but who wants to go through the hassle mixing and matching pads just to save some money? Most buyers want a turn key solution. Thus Alesis suffers from lack of customer awareness, where as Roland is very active with the infrastructure for entire E Drum systems . The total package must be made available to the consumer. Alesis did not roar in that way. Roland is at arm's length to the consumer with the E Drum solution, thus making them a very strong player, and literally pushing other companies to the wayside. If a person walks into a store, and a TD-10 kit is there, chances that kit will be purchased over Alesis, D Drum, Yamaha, or any other brand, not because it sounds better, looks better or is better, but because 1.It is very high quality 2. A complete system and last but not least 3. AVAILABLE.
          Unless a person wants a specific unit that has to be ordered in, Roland will get the lion's share of the market due to the brilliant way it set up it's marketing and product line. Alesis and other companies should take note as to how Roland operates.


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            Does anyone remember Alesis' first attempt at marketing a complete e-drum kit (before their current alliance with Hart)? Shortly after the introduction of the DM-5 module, they advertised a complete 5-piece kit with pads made of that "moon gel" material. I remember seeing it in various catalogs and NAMM reports but I don't think it ever went into full-scale production.
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              Puttenvr> don't forget their ADAT revolution. And they are planning to make a 24track HD recorder for half the price of the Mackie. That's very welcome too.

              O and the Andromeda. We have it in our shop and it's probably the fattest sounding synth we have.
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