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    I have a new set with the expansion card, and find the manual not well written. Does anyone know if there are an additional 50 drums sets with the expansion card, or the origional 50 with new ones just added. Also, how do you change to the added sets if yes above.

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    You can only use 50 kits at a time . To get to the unexpanded 50 and bring them into the 50 you can play (make sure it's one you don't play or like ) press the tools key , then F1 (or copy) then scroll through the kits , and then press exchange or F3. Presto change-O.



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      The old 50 kits (when the td-10 wasn't expanded) remain in a kind of shadow memory. You can recall them on the way Redman described. Only the 3 last kits from the unexpanded td-10 are changed with the tdw-1 update. So save them if you want to keep them.