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V-crash disappointment

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  • V-crash disappointment

    I hate to rush to judgement, but i've been smackin' my new V-crashes and have noticed that they seem to be somewhat position-picky! When i hit the egde of the V-crash, it sometimes will not triggar! It seems to be far more sensitive on the bow. Is it just my V-crashes or have any of you experienced the same? I know i can't be the only one here that has got um. Please fill me in on what's up here! Unless i get to likin' these V-crashes, there will NOT be a ride or hi-hat purchase in my future. Do i need a TDW-1? Cuz i don't have one yet. If it will make the difference, I'm buyin today! Love my V-drums! Ain't givin' up yet! Not by a long shot..............
    Da Chazman

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    You do need (or: it is better to have) the TDW-1 expansion board with

    a. (in case you don't have a tdw-1 at all) better sounds
    b. (in case you have the 'old' tdw-1) 3 type trigger cymbal functionality for the ride. And perhaps the crashes then also will trigger the rim better.


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      Don't buy the TDW-1 if you have a TD-8!


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        feefer,....MY MAN! BINGO!!!! Boy do i feel dumb. I called Roland support earlier today to complain. Guess i should have just come to the source huh? Man i love this site! I got that sensitivity where i can triggar it with a soft flick of my finger! I know that's a bit too much, but i think i'll just keep it that way for the rest of the night! just for kicks!! Just in case you hear someone else with the same complaint,......you dont need the TDW-1 to rectify the situation. I know, i know, i need one anyway! Back to Guitar Center i guess.........ROCK ON DUDES!
        Da Chazman