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Can I use DTEXTREME with my Vdrum pads and TD-10?

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  • Can I use DTEXTREME with my Vdrum pads and TD-10?

    I'm planning on buying the new Yamaha DTEXTREME brain. I checked it out last week and it sounds really good and lots of features. I own a Vdrum with TD-10 without an expansion card. I was thinking of buying the TDW1 to add more sound into the TD10 but when I checked out the DTextreme, I reallly like the sounds they offer, but dont want to spend more money to buy the whole new set. Just want the brain then connect to midi port of the td10 to get more sound or evern hook the vdrum mesh pads to the DTextreme and may be sell the td10 later....:-)

    Any suggestion??? anyone out there try the Vdrum mesh pads with the DTextreme yet? Please let me know. Thank you.

    [email protected]

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    Yeah, you could trigger it as an external sound source or sell the TD-10 and just use the Xtreme.
    I haven't looked too much into the Xtreme or investigated how it works with the mesh heads. I'm sure it works fine, though.



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      I'd personally be very interested in how the DTXtreme (or any Yamaha module) works with the Roland pads directly plugged in. Has anyone tried that here?

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